Dave Stogner had a sound in his mind that Milton Brown put there. He was able to perfect that sound with his band “The Western Ryhtymaires.” Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys, and Milton Brown and The Musical Brownies, were influential in his style of music.

This is a story that music fans from all over will want to read, and for those romantics who like to read about romance, love, and family, and how Viola got her man. Viola Stogner

Viola Stogner lives in Madera, California in the house that Dave and her bought before he died in 1989. She enjoys time with her children and grandchildren, and spends a lot of time with her neighbor, Marie Brown, who has listened faithfully to her stories about love and romance.

Judy Malmin wrote the first manuscript that was titled, "It Wasn't Easy, Was It." Judy lives in Santa Cruz with her husband and son. Judy spent hours taping conversations with Dave Stogner before he died.

John W. Cargile enlarged on the first manuscript and spent hours e-mailing and talking to Judy and Viola about the book's contents. John lives in Coker, Alabama with his wife and son. He is the publisher of Rolling Chrome Books.

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