A Heart 4 God Hits: 1381
a2z Hits: 1518
Abner, Buford Hits: 3076
Abner, Merle Hits: 1368
Abrams, Hooper T. Hits: 1649
Adairs (The ) Hits: 1743
Adams House Cat Hits: 2180
Adams, Dr. Jo Jo Hits: 1646
Adams, Frank, Jr. Hits: 2211
Adams, Frank, Sr. Hits: 1468
Adams, Peter Hits: 1748
Adkins, John Rainey Hits: 2495
Adkins, Shane Hits: 1641
Adkins, Wilder Hits: 1197
Aeolians (The) Hits: 1685
After Class Hits: 1173
Agee, Baron Hits: 1617
Agee, Ray Hits: 1346
Ages Apart Hits: 316
Aikens, Cornelius Hits: 1373
Alabama Hits: 2077
Alabama Blues Brothers (The) Hits: 1272
Alabama Blues Machine Hits: 1731
Alabama Boys (The ) Hits: 1302
Alabama Gravy Soppers Hits: 1417
Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame All-Stars Hits: 1362
Alabama Shakes Hits: 1426
Alabama Spirituals (The ) Hits: 1937
Alabama Symphony Orchestra Hits: 1322
Alabamians Hits: 1617
Alan, Buddy Hits: 1500
Aldridge, Ava Hits: 1574
Aldridge, Roy Hits: 1637
Aldridge, Walt Hits: 1792
Alexander, A.T. Hits: 1262
Alexander, Arthur Hits: 2699
Alexander, Joseph "Big Joe" Hits: 1585
Alford, Chalmers "Spanky" Hits: 1347
Alford, Eddie "Spanky" Hits: 2726
Allen, Charles Leonard Hits: 1683
Allen, Chester Hits: 2267
Allen, James Hits: 1429
Allen, Leroy Hits: 1425
Allman, Duane Hits: 2381
Almond, "Lucky" Joe Hits: 2518
Alsbrooks, Billy Hits: 1182
American Travelers Gospel Singers Hits: 1627
Amerson, Rich Hits: 1648
AMO Jazz Allstars Hits: 1317
Analog Missionary Hits: 1307
Anderson Craig Hits: 1630
Anderson, Bunky Hits: 1950
Anderson, Chris Hits: 1186
Anderson, Dave Hits: 1510
Anderson, Donna Hits: 1217
Anderson, John H. Hits: 1168
Anderson, Wilson Stutz Hits: 1421
Andrews, Andy Hits: 1332
Andrews, Inez Hits: 1372
Andrews, Robbie D. Hits: 1286
Anglin Brothers Hits: 1622
Anointed Brown Sisters Hits: 2007
Anointed Harmony Hits: 1329
Anointed Hinds Sisters Hits: 2814
Anthony, John David Hits: 1685
Apathy Hits: 1452
Applespacebar Hits: 1522
Appointed Hits: 1958
Arcadian Serenaders Hits: 1256
Ard, Charlie Hits: 1285
Armor of God Hits: 1318
Armstrong, Francis "Tippy" Hits: 2629
Armstrong, Gary Hits: 1439
Armstrong, William Hits: 1190
Arrington, Hardy Hits: 1195
Arrington, Richard Hits: 1226
Arthur, Theodore, Jr. Hits: 2049
Ashwander, Donald Hits: 1347
Ashworth, Earnest AKA Billy Worth Hits: 1730
Atcheson, Randall Hits: 1344
Athens Mass Choir Hits: 1106
Atherton, James Hits: 1272
Atkins, "Big" Ben Hits: 2347
Atkins, Charles "Cholly" Hits: 1187
Atkins, Leon a.k.a. Little Jimmy Reed Hits: 2758
Atkins, Victor "Red" Hits: 1785
Atlanta Rhythm Section Hits: 1409
Atwood, Tommy Hits: 2112
Auburn Knights Hits: 1768
Ausman, Sonny Hits: 1581
Austin, Brad Hits: 1303
Austin, C.P. Hits: 1359
Autrey, Herman Hits: 1431
Avant, Mart Hits: 2113
Averytt, Fred Hits: 1330

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