When the Crisler Brothers (Jamey and Justin), a.k.a. The Alabama Brothers, claim they're the only Blues impersonators in the state and, to their knowledge, the only impersonators in the world who are actual brothers, its hard to dispute it -- especially when it's said with a stern expression topped with night-black Ray-Bans. Unlike the characters musicians/actors John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd made famous by the 1980 movie that sets the record for most cars wrecked in one film, the Crislers never spent time behind bars.

Justin Crisler, 29, now performs the Blues full time. He is in charge of marketing and is co-founder of the act. Justin is married and has two children. Jamey Crisler, 36, is a Licensed Nurse when not touring the world as Jake Blues. He is married and has 4 children. Once in their Blues outfits, all that changes. Jamey had an idea to show-off their look. He bought a 1976 Dodge Coronet from a junkyard, slapped on black-and-white paint to make it look like the movie's worn police car, and convinced Justin to join him on a visit to the Hard Rock Café in Nashville in 1998. "We were just going to walk in and see what kind of reaction we'd get, just for fun," Jamey said. "The manager ran to the back, threw on 'Soul Man,' and announced that the Brothers were there. Next thing we know, we're standing on top of the tables dancing to it. The place went wild." Then, in their small town, they entered the town's Christmas parade. This had no holiday ring to it, but after all, who could turn down two big guys in dark suits and sunglasses? They practiced some moves by watching the movie and old episodes of "Saturday Night Live" in which the musicians appeared, put together a sound system with backup tracks of Blues tunes, and printed some business cards in black-and-white. "One venue would lead to two or three others," Jamey said.

Now The Alabama Brothers have performed to over 2000 audiences and have been reviewed as two of the most realistic Blues Impersonators in The World. Where did all this showmanship spring from? Justin was involved in theater in high school and Jamey sang in Church choir. That's it. "The odd thing was we were both raised real conservative and had never done anything edgy, just straight down the road kind of guys," Jamey said. "This was a new kind of thing." "We had one goal in mind from the start, this would be fun for all ages and then we would not send our clients through agents, we deal directly with our clients to assure they are happy". Dressed in their suits, the brothers do the same thing as their movie heroes, riding the streets, barking out about their show in shameless self-promotion. And wherever their shows take them, they drive the newly restored Dodge Monaco, and exact replica from the movie. For most shows currently, the brothers book their seven-piece band to accompany them. "Our musicians are from all over the country and we have put together the best showman with the best musicians to take this to another level of entertainment." Justin said. Riding in the back seat of the "Bluesmobile," surrounded by speakers and other sound equipment, staring at the silhouettes of the Crislers is like watching one long extended scene from the movie. On the road, one sometimes feels he's experiencing things that might have ended up on the movie's cutting-room floor. Jamey has the lead vocals and Justin blows a mean Hohner special 20 harmonica. Their show staples include "Soul Man," "Hey, Bartender," "Stand By Your Man", "Give Me Some Lovin", "Rawhide" and many other great R & B and Blues Brothers tunes.

The Alabama Brothers have performed around the World. As of 2007 the Brothers have performed in 22 states and 2 foreign countries. From the Mississippi Delta, to the top of Rockefeller Center New York City, to the continent of Japan, these Brothers have spread the Blues around. They've also performed for fund-raisers including campaigns for the national World War II memorial, American Cancer Society, American Red Cross and the Children's Miracle Network to name a few. “When we perform, it's a clean act that all ages can enjoy." "We're on a Mission of Fun!" Saying that, while wearing the suits and dark sunglasses, you have to believe them.


Source: http://www.thealabamabluesbrothers.com/

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