Analog Missionary

Analog Missionary is an atmospheric/cinematic art-rock band from the Southern USA. Utilizing atypical instrumentation (such as theremin, Chapman Stick, Dumbek, and Banjitar) and world-music influences, its members include Anstrom, Tony Novak, Kevin Kaiser, and the Mark. They have released one full-length album, Transmitter, and a soundtrack for the 1920's silent film classic Nosferatu, entitled Voyage of the Demeter.

They are presently recording their 3rd album in-between tour dates in the US. "This Alabama-based quartet gives U2 a run for its money in the 'epic soundscapes' category. Analog Missionary has a pristine, multilayered sound that's anchored by the sultry vocals of Anstrom, a female vocalist of remarkable range and clarity. All together the group forms a roiling musical concoction, full of depth and emotional vitality.

Analog Missionary is based in Silverhill, AL where they own and operate one of the region's finest recording facilities." editor's review They have developed a vast, multi-layered sound that sweeps from grandiose movements of intense power to calmer moments of emotive introspection. Their sound has been characterized as sultry, acoustically complex, sonically textured, and eclectic. Anstrom's voice has been described as a vocal multiplicity that lifts and swoons, excites and calms- vocal variations that are both hauntingly beautiful and deliciously exciting. The band's strength is their ability to beautifully balance the fragile with the ferocious...

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