lucky joe almondLucky Joe Almond was born in Alabama and began his career in the early 1950s when he sent some demo recordings on Lillian McMurry, owner of Trumpet Records.  McMurry was interested in rhythm and blues, but did occasionally record white rural musicians.  She liked Almond's style and took him under contract. With Jimmy Swan's band in February 1953, Almond recorded a cover of the R & B song Rockin 'with Red by Piano Red under the title, Rock Me. The single was a big seller popular with both black and white audiences.

At that time, Almond made regular appearances on Midway Jamboree , a local country music show from Alabama.  Almond asked for another session but McMurry rejected this.  At that time, Trumpet was already in financial trouble. Instead, McMurry recorded Almond in early 1954 with his band, the Hillbilly Rockers, and came out with the two hillbilly boogie Gonna Roll and Rock and Hickory Nut Boogie.

Almond then switched to McMurry's new label Globe Records. In 1956 he took the rockabilly song Oo-OOO! Anything Goes, Go On and Talk Your Head Off. These recordings were the last known, made by Almond and also the last to be made at the Diamond Center, because that was then closed. After this Almond disappeared from the music scene.

Adam Komorowski wrote in 2005 about Almond: "Lillian McMurry [...] made ​​her contribution to the birth of rockabilly with her ​​development of country singer Lucky Joe Almond, who with his Hillbilly Rockers was one of the artists who straddled the divide between country and rockabilly.[1]


1953, Rock Me / The Last Waltz Rock Me / The Last Waltz, Trumpet 45-199 Trumpet 45-199

1954, Gonna Roll and Rock / Hickory Nut Boogie Gonna Roll and Rock / Hickory Nut Boogie, Trumpet 45-221 Trumpet 45-221

1956, Oo-OOO-! Oo-OOO! Anything Goes [!] / Go On and Talk Your Head Off Anything Goes [!] / Go On and Talk Your Head Off, Globe 45-240 Globe 45-240 Source:

[1] Adam Komorowski: From Boppin 'Hillbilly to Red Hot Rockabilly (2005), liner notes, page 17; Proper Records

Source:  Photo:

... it was to be Lucky Joe Almond (Joseph Curtis Almond) from Wedowee, Alabama, who proved to be the label’s most successful Hillbilly singer. His first offering for TRUMPET was a cover of Piano Red’s classic R&B song « Rock Me » (# 199). This was recorded in Houston in 1953 with musical accompaniment provided by Jimmy Swan’s band, the Range Riders. Swan’s boys were good at what they did, but weren’t getting the groove, especially the shuffle rhythm McMurry had in mind. Finally she grabbed an acoustical board and began to thump it herself to enliven the rhythm : it helped.

Although « Rock Me » proved to be a good seller for TRUMPET, selling well to both Black and White markets, it was to be almost a year before Almond was back in the studio, backed this time by Curley Williams’ band, the Georgia Peach Pickers. At this session, recorded at the Diamond studio in Jackson, Almond laid down the two Hillbilly Bop classics « Gonna Roll and Rock » and « Hickory Nut Boogie »


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