Instruments: Tenor Saxophone
Date of Birth: 1946
Place of Birth: Mobile, Alabama

Arthur started his musical career on saxophone at age 16, playing in nightclubs in Mobile and Prichard. At that time if you were in the musicians union and didn't drink you could be underage and play in the nightclubs. With the help of bass player Marshall York, Arthur was asked to play with the Junior Parker band. After that the offers started coming to play with others.

Arthur accompanied Bobby Blue Bland and Johnny Taylor on many stages during the 1960's. He also played with Aretha Franklin prior to tiring of the road and deciding to spend more time with his children. He moved back to Mobile and started a 14 member band.

Arthur played tenor sax for 20 years but is now accompanying himself with a computer that mixes various instruments. Since 1980, he handles his own bookings and controls his own record label, Castanet Recor ds. He also has his own publishing company, Prichard Music Co.

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame


Meet Theodore Arthur Jr.

I would like to go back to elementary school where my first music teacher was, Mr. Lionel Alexander, a very fine music instructor who played trumpet, and would go from school to school teaching us music. My first instrument was the drums, I played drums for a couple of years. Although Mr. Alexander left, he was one of the most influential people in my music career.

We moved from Carver Elementary to Engine Street  Junior High School, where I began playing the clarinet in 7th grade. I played the clarinet from 7th grade to 12th grade. Then from Engine St. Junior High School, which later became Blount, I studied music under the late Mr. Edward J. Pratt. He was perhaps my biggest influence and the most gifted person I ever met in music. He was also a great saxophone player. I was completely fascinated with his ability to play the saxophone from the very first time I heard him play. I desperately wanted to play the horn after I heard him play when I was in the sixth grade..

I had other great musical experiences in my life to follow me. My year of college at Florida A&M University was really special. This is where I studied clarinet under Dr. Thomas Lyle, one of the world's finest clarinet players, and a very nice person. Later, I  put together a band in Texas called Merging Traffic Band, and later joined with the Solid Gold Revue Featuring Ray Crumley. We recorded an album that was a regional hit in the late 70's early 80's. My most recent venture was traveling to London, England with Fred Wesley in February, 2008. Then, once again I joined Fred for another European tour in 2009, some of the major stops were London, Paris, Tel Aviv, Prague, and Switzerland. We then had an American tour starting April 3, 2009 in Philadelphia and we traveled to Boston, New York, Chicago, and Minneapolis. Fred, who is a trombone player extraordinaire, is a legend in his own right.

Lately, I have been working for Mobile Community Action in the schools, and I have reissued a CD called Love's Traffic by the Solid Gold Revue. Also, I am apart of the Third Baptist music ministry on Sundays where Rev. N.L. Powe is the pastor. I have been playing with Shad and the Gang off and on since 1975 util the present. I have been a member of the Excelsior since 1966 and the E. B. Coleman Big Band. In addition to all of that, I continue to have my One Man Band which features my daughter Karen.







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