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Sylvia Green is a single female, residing in the exciting town of Dothan, Alabama. She sings the alto part for the group and also pens many of the songs the group records and sings. However, her songs have been recorded by many major groups through the years, including a former "Song of the Year" titled "Here I Am", as recorded by "The Hoppers". Various artist recording Sylvia Green songs through the years include "The Perrys", "Hoskins Family", "Sheri Easter", "Wilburns", "Dixie Melody Boys", "Florida Boys" and many others. It was at the early age of three that Sylvia began singing in church and at age six she began to sing on her father's radio program. Yes, she is a PK (preacher's kid!). Growing up, one of her favorite singers was Vestal Goodman. She recalls distinctly the night she first got to meet Vestal. Vestal gave her a pair of stage binoculars and encouraged Sylvia to always sing gospel music! At an early age Sylvia's family held revivals during the summer months and at age 14 the family went on the road full-time as a gospel singing evangelistic team. It was about this time that she began to write songs. The family stayed on the road for about 11 years and then Rev. Green began pastoring churches again. Sylvia took one year off from the road then joined a group out of Tennessee and later a group out of Washington DC (just 25 min's from the capitol!), and then of course….she joined "The Bradys"! That was over 16 years ago and she is still here! Sylvia's hobbies include collecting knives (really!) and cooking (makes up most of her recipes) and, believe it or not…golf! She also enjoys working a few hours, on the days the group happens to be home, as a gospel DJ. Since she has no kids of her own, she loves to spoil her nieces: Kaila, Kristi, and Misti. More than anything though, Sylvia loves the Lord and from an early age she has always had a desire to help those in need by pointing them to the cross of Calvary. Singing the gospel is all she's ever known and she's proud to be able to represent Christ is this way!

Keith Brady lives in (well about five miles out of) the small town of Columbia, Al. He began singing gospel music in church around the age of eight years old, but it wasn't until he was about 17, that he joined the group his brothers Alan and Gary had already formed called the "Young Believers". Of course as time went on this group became the group you now know as "THE BRADYS"! Growing up near Tampa, Florida, Keith loved the orange groves and also riding the horses in the near by field. However, when God called his father to preach, the family relocated to Alabama and they've been here ever since! Today Keith is heavily involved in Brady Ministries. He is the behind-the-scenes- person that handles bookings, promotions, publicity, etc. A lot of his time every day of the week is spent on the phone with promoters and DJ's, or taking care of things at the office. With him it's a seven day a week commitment to Brady Ministries and he is proud to answer the call of God on his life in this way! Keith's favorite foods are, cubed steak, and good ole' moist homemade poundcake! He loves to play golf (although he rarely gets the chance) and he also manages to squeeze in time as DJ and Operations Director at his local Christian Radio Station! Keith has to balance the group, the radio station, being on the road, and home life, but he feels it has all been worth it to see the lives that have been changed through the years for the cause of Christ! You can tell he genuinely cares about people. Many times you will find him counseling with someone in need, pointing them to Jesus! Be sure and speak to Keith at your next Brady concert! He'd loveto meet you!

The start of Brady Ministries goes directly back to Alan Brady who first formed a group he called the "Young Believers" back when he was still a teenager. But due to various personnel changes through the years, when the group released their first national release to radio in 1990, they became known simply as "The Bradys"! Today Alan still sings lead for the group and he does it well! Many industry leaders have commented that Alan has one of the best voices in southern gospel music today! He is the featured voice on many of the group's high powered nationally charted radio singles. Not only is Alan a fantastic vocalist, but he writes songs as well, having had cuts by "The Wilburns", "Cookes", "Heirline" and more! The music side of the ministry is truly his forte and he is in charge of all aspects of the "Brady Band" including arranging, stage set up and sound, and the hiring and firing of band members. He, by the way, plays various instruments "LIVE" in concert which fans seem to love!

Alan is married to Teresa Brady and they have three children; Jessica - Hannah - and Wayne. Alan and Teresa are proud of their remodeled 100 year old home that Teresa has tastefully decorated with beautiful antiques including a baby grand piano that is over 100 years old and still in working condition! Alan even has a small log cabin mini studio out back.

When not on the road Alan enjoys evenings at home with the family. Or, being so versatile musically, he can sometimes be found in the studio playing various instruments, producing, or vocal arranging, for other artist. And Hannah, Alan's daughter is following in dad's footsteps and has already learned what being in the studio is all about by recording her very own CD! Be sure to meet Alan, and sometimes Hannah, at the next Brady concert near you!

As the youngest member to The Bradys,Kaila Martin has become a valuable asset to our ministry.  Even at a young age Kaila is a very strong Christian with morals and values rooted deep in God's word.  Plus, she is better than anyone I know at keeping Alan in line!  Kaila, as with most of the members of The Bradys, has grown up a preachers kid, so she knows what it's like to be in the ministry.  So, she shares a strong desire to see souls brought to the Lord which is of course what The Bradys are all about. Kaila is now a valued addition to the Brady Band as bass player as well.  Plus, she still steps up front for a song or two each performance.  Everyone is inspired by her spirit and talent.  Plus, she's pretty good on a bass.  So we're happy to have her along. Fortunately she is a home schooler so she doesn't miss any school work traveling full time.  It's not always easy to get schooling done on the bus, but she always manages.  And when she's not hitting the books she's full of questions or even an opinion or two if you ask. Welcome Kaila as a part of the Brady's! She adds something special we're glad to have found.  We hope she stays for as long as the Lord will allow!



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