Millie Brown


Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame

"Thank You Lord"

The song "Thank You Lord", written by Millie Brown of The Dennis Family, was given by the Lord to her during a prayer that was being prayed for an, elderly black gentleman that frequented their place of business. The gentleman expressed that he needed to speak to Paulette, also of The Dennis Family. Whenever she arrived, the gentleman passed a packet that contained his Last Will and Testament in it and wanted her to have his teacup poodle. Paulette asked, why; what's this for? He told her he was going to kill himself. It stunned her so bad that she was speachless. Her husband, Wheat, walked in the door. Paulette told Wheat that the gentleman needed to speak with him. Wheat sat down to talk with hirn. Paulette hurried into the kitchen. She and Millie began to pray, and in the midst of the prayer, the Lord delivered the song. Millie couldn't believe that the Lord was giving her a song while she was in the middle of praying for someone contemplating suicide. She thought, Lord, this isn't the right time. Meanwhile, in the dining area, the gentleman pulled out an icepick and hoisted it into the air. His hand wouldn't come down. He did it again! It still wouldn't come down. After the third attempt, he looked up at his hand and couldn't believe it wouldn't come down, The icepick fell out of his hand to the table. He dropped his head and sobbed uncontrollably. Through all of this, Wheat was able to lead the man to the Lord. He accepted Christ as his personal savior and left that night a different man. In short, therein came "Thank You I Lord'.

The Dennis Family brought home the gold. Not the Olympic gold, but the spiritual gold. They were nominated by the Country Music Guild for Family Group of the Year for 2000 in Memphis,Tenn., and won. The Guild's nominees are chosen by radio DJs through-out the United States. The nominees are then voted on by the fans. This event is called the Country Music Guilds "Golden Harp Awards." The Dennis Family has been singing gospel music for over 30 years; and the second generation has currently been singing about 13 years. They have graced the stage with numerous other nationally known artists on more than one occasion. They are members of several gospel music associations including The Country Gospel Music Guild, The christian Country Music Association, and The Central Alabama Southern Gospel Music Association located in Montgomery, Ala. The Dennis Family can be reached at 334-285-5161, Fax 334-285-5704, or e-mail then at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . From left are Milly Brown, Paulette Pynes and Denise Weldon.





Millie Brown:

Millie sings tenor and is the comedian of the group. She is married and she and her husband Michael have 1 daughter, Andrea Shae, who is a true miracle of God's awesome power.

Millie has a lot of different interests. She loves music and loves playing music. She also plays piano, organ & tambourine. She absolutely loves horses, enjoys watching pro- Bull Riding, and loves to watch boxing. Her passion has been searching out their Native American heritage. Their (The Dennis Family) roots are deep in Cherokee blood. Millie was elated when Chief Charlene Tuckaleechee Story, gave Millie her Indian name, calling her "Seeking Spirit", which the chief said she felt was appropriate due to their on-going work for the Lord. There has been numerous awards presented to this family collectively, for which they are all honored. God has been so good to us all and we will never repay Him for all he's done. But we can try by loving Him, sharing Him with others and serving Him. This is Millie and The Dennis Family's desire.




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