Keith is a native of Mobile, Al. and has been singing and playing music since the age of nine, but did not get serious with his music and talent until later in life. His dynamic range and vocal abilities are almost endless from the time he hits the stage. From Cher, Ray charles, Jimmy Buffet, The Doobie Brothers, K.C. & The Sunshine Band, The Ohio Players,Wild Cherry, Lone Star, and a host of others, he will astonish you with the different styles of music he can cover. His taste for music growing up seemed to stay focused on the acoustic music side of things because of the passion of the guitar. Such names as Eric Clapton, James Taylor, and Bread are some of his favorites. But don’t put Keith in that kind of mind set. Some of his others favorites from the old school include B.B. King, Bon Jovi, Boston, ZZ Top, and Van Halen.

All in all though, he does admit he likes just about any kind of music, as long as it makes sense and the people can relate to it. For 12 years Keith played and performed in a small but powerful group who went by the name of Mix Match. This dynamic vocal and dance trio is where Keith learned to adapt and hone in on his musical abilities. With the combined talents of Sergio Davis & Keith Pledger, the group went on to entertain crowds by the thousands all along the Gulf Coast such as Ken Stabler’s celebrity golf charity event, elite Mardi Gras functions, Casinos, such as the Isle of Capri, Treasure Bay, Casino Magic, and countless eventful wedding receptions. Keith has established the name THE MAILMAN from the job he has held working in the mailroom of the Mobile County Courthouse for some 15 years now. His goals in the band are pretty simple. Sound great, dress the part, entertain, and best of all, have FUN!!!

He feels if he can accomplish these goals, people can come out, relax, enjoy, and forget about the troubles of their lives, even if it is just for a short while. Keith is also a very big fan of sequenced, midi styles of music, and the equipment that he uses on and off stage proves it. Consisting of the old school,- Ensoniq VFX-SD, to the new school, Roland XV-2020, Korg Trinity rack module, and M-Audio 61 keyboard controller. He also has an arsenal of his favorite instrument, the guitar. A Fender Stratocaster, (AMERICAN) of course, Fender P-bass, two Jasmine Takamines, an Ovation Applause, Ibanez RX.& Artcore AFS. He also has his very first guitar he bought for himself some twenty years ago, a Sigma by Martin, which he says if it could talk, it would tell on him. Well, it talks, but only by the way of the music he puts into it. Perhaps one of the most interesting though, is his personal studio at home which he creates his own original music. Starting with the dreams and feelings of the heart and mind and finishing on a golden compact disk, for the whole world to listen to.

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