Lived in Dothan, AL

Recorded in Birmingham, AL with Phil Cay and the Blue Notes.

phil cay and the blue notes

"Above: Ray McStevension, Phil Cay, Dale Dunkin, Johny Bowman, Jimmie Davidson, The Original Band Members 1958. This was the original Phil Cay and the Blue Notes" Photo taken at the American Legion, Lakeshore Blvd. This photo was taken in 1958 and it was the first gig we played We were discovered there by Henry Hartzog of Hart Records. We recorded over 15 records from 1958 to 1965."

vince oliver 1958

The first record by Phil Cay and the Blue Notes was "Meet Me in the Barnyard", on Hart.  This fun rocker featured Vince Oliver on sax and an ending of canned farm animal sounds.  These days, Vince Oliver can usually be found at his barbershop in Birmingham (

You can hear Meet Me at the Barnyard on Youtube here:

Phil Cay writes: "Yes at one time I lived and worked in Alabama. I was a radio announcer at WOOF in Dothan, Alabama. I worked there when my uncle Jack Mock was program director. Dothan is a nice town, I met Bobby Goldsboro while doing a show here in Jacksonville, Bobby was from Dothan, he sang with my band after making his first record. Another from Dothan was Buddy Bouie, he wrote a lot of music back then and started the Atlanta rythm Section,of which most all those band members were from Jacksonville. Most of their band member came out of the Band The ClassicsIV with Dennis Yost. They were all great friends and fellow entertainers. The one person that gave me a lot of help when getting started was Tommy Charles of WBAM "The Big Bam" Radio in Birmingham. Tommy Charles became my manager, and he saw to it that they played my records on the WBAM, and their other station, in Jacksonville, WAPE 'The Big Ape'".

After The Blue Notes, Phil recorded with Phil Cay and The Chantels during the late 60s and 70s.  He currently lives in Jacksonville and performs with his wife, Charlotte. 

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