Birmingham, Alabama

The Sterling Jubilees of Bessemer, who have also been known as the CIO Singers, have kept the faith in Bessemer for more than fifty years. They celebrated their 50th anniversary on Sunday, October 7, 1979 at Bessemer City Auditorium. As the CIO Singers, the group had a long association with the Steel Workers Union. They sang at union meetings and conventions and broadcast a radio program that was sponsored by the CIO. The two names most readily identified with the CIO Singers are the late George Bestor and the late Rosco MacDonald. The longest tenured member of the current Sterling Jubilees is tenor, Henry Holston, who has been with the group since about 1945. One of the quartet's distinguished elder members is Mr. Tom Lacy, who has been singing with Bessemer area quartets since 1927.

The Sterling Jubilees still perform in the a cappella style, and like the Ensley Jubilees and Four Eagles, they are maintaining the great local gospel quartet traditions established in the 1920s by the Birmingham Jubilee Singers and others. The Sterling Jubilees' current membership includes, John Alexander, lead and manager; Eunise Cook, lead; Dock Terry, lead; Sam Johnson, lead; Henry Holston, tenor; Tom Lacy, baritone; and Sam Lewis, bass.

Birmingham Quartet ScrapBook: A Quartet Reunion in Jefferson County
October 12, 1980
Doug Seroff - Project Director

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame

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