Roman Carter

R&B Vocals, Guitar Carter Brothers

Born: Garland, AL

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame


Roman Carter has performed for over 5 decades both solo and with his siblings the Carter Brothers and he's shared the stage with many other legendary performers. Originally hailing from Garland, Alabama then settling in Pacoima, CA, Roman Carter (lead vocals, bass), Albert Carter (guitar), and Jerry Carter (vocals, piano) played a stripped down, no-frills brand of energetic electric blues that jumped back and forth over the thin line between soul and blues.

Between 1959 and 1968, they cut 10 singles for the tiny L.A. based Coleman label. Their single “Southern Country Boy” became a national hit in 1965, peaking at number 21 on the national Billboard's top Selling R&B singles chart. Roman has recently been awarded *Best Male Blues Vocalist at the Fifth Annual Real Blues Awards, sponsored by Real Blues Magazine.


Blues/soul vocalist Roman Carter jump-started his longstanding career as a founding member of the Carter Brothers, an electric blues trio from the mid-'60s who recorded for the Cincinnati-based Jewel Records. Carter's throaty, impassioned vocals straddled the border between blues and soul, and effectively propelled one of the Carter Brothers' singles, "Southern Country Boy," to number 21 on the national R&B charts in 1965. Two years later, however, Roman's bandmate brothers were drafted, and the vocalist embarked on a solo career that would later win him the title of Best Male Blues Vocalist at the fifth annual Real Blues Awards in 1999. Carter returned in 2007 with Never Slow Down, a collection of slickly modernized Delta blues material helmed by producer Tom Rothrock (whose work on James Blunt's Back to Bedlam three years prior had resulted in the worldwide hit "You're Beautiful"). ~ Andrew Leahey, All Music Guide



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