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Deluxe Leisure King

Non-pretentious, southern, paisley jangle pop with an emphasis on hooks and melody deeply rooted in mid 80's sensibility.

Formed in 2002 as the result of couple of brews at a bar-b-q and to come through on a boast of being able to provide a live sound, Deluxe Leisure King has evolved at its own pace thanks to devotees of the jangly sound, a commitment to doing "their own thing", and the belief that pop is alive and well.

Releasing "15 Minutes of Shame" in 2004, the DLK received acclaim and comparisons to the likes of IRS era REM, The dB's, The Windbreakers, early Elvis Costello and scored a track ("She's So Nervous") in the Margaret Cho film "Bam Bam And Celeste". Their sophomore effort, 2006's "Debbie Does Nothing", pays homage to powerpop, psychedelia, folk and americana, while holding fast to their southern jangle roots. Most of 2007 was spent writing and recording their third longplayer, "Miss Steak"(released mid 2008), of which, some of the tracks (with some video to boot) can be previewed right here. The record's first single, "Wanna Girl(Like That)", found its way to the Australiasian Pacific Rim and wound up on the "Intercontinental Pop Controversy" vinyl sampler (which sold like fresh shashimi in Japan) and the CD compilation "Invaders From Planet Pop" both from Smashed Records..a cool indie label from down under. No surprise that the 12 string jangly goodness of "Wanna Girl" garnered airplay in Spain and Australia respectively. What does the future hold for the DLK? Who knows. They're not getting any younger or less bald or better looking. But they focus on staying, as Not Lame records put it, "wonderfully out of step." And it shouldn't be any other way

Members:  Seth Cherniak, Bobby Frost, Self Abuse


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