Musician. Educator. Recluse. Punk.

Joe DeVita has gone to a great length to shake up the underground music world. Some see Joe as champion of the freaks, geeks, and weirdo's. Others will contest that he is just an agitator and provocateur. Only time will tell.

Joseph Bernard DeVita was born in New York December 30 1978. At a very early age Joe had a passion for music and excelled in his grade school music classes. On Joe's sixteenth birthday he began teaching himself the guitar. Shortly thereafter Joe began studying guitar under Zen Tricksters guitarist Thomas Circosta. At age eighteen Joe attended Nassau Community College as a music major and dropped out.

Seeking better education and a way out of New York, Joe applied and was accepted to the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California. At the Musicians Institute Joe studied under artists such as Norman Brown, Carl Schroeder, Ross Bolton, Joe Elliott, Carl Schroeder, Chuck Flores, Keith Wyatt. At the same time Joe began performing throughout Los Angeles with singer/songwriter Jonathan Arroyo.

After graduating the Musicians Institute Joe returned to New York and began teaching private music lessons and performing throughout New York. In 2002 Joe was performing with Long Island Grindcore band Pimpcore as well as attending New School University's Jazz Program. After attending two semesters at the New School Joe dropped out and began performing and leading Jazz Groups throughout New York.

In 2005 Joe released his first album under the moniker Shuttlecock entitled "A Study in the Art of Individuality"

In 2006 Joe released his second album "Reflect"

In 2008 Joe released his third effort "Punk Rock Abs" Joe also released his for book of prose "Living In Flux" in 2008

After the release of Punk Rock Abs and Living In Flux, Joe spent three years traveling throughout the United States of America.

On June, 25 2012, Joe released "Evolution"

Joe has performed with artists such as Paul Joseph, Sandbox Ambition, Solatido, Sonia Rodriguez, Greg Gordon, Efacho O ke ke, Crispy Chicken, Cathy Elliott, Mike Veny, Wayne Foote, Steve McCarty, Victor Mason, Garrett Collins, Groovemonger, Band X. Publications: Massapequa News, Babble and Beat, Village Voice, BBC Radio 6's Freak Zone w. Stuart Marconie, Indie Music Magazine, Creative Soup, Skope Magazine, Vox Magazine, MF Magazine, Rock Brigade Magazine (Brazil),, MTV.

Joe is currently living in Birmingham, Alabama where he is teaching music. On occasion he performs locally and nationally.

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joe davita antiheroJoe DeVita "The Antihero"

Following up on his Space Jazz epic "Evolution", Joe DeVita has taken a turn for the worse and has become "The Antihero". This scuzzy tale of a guitar superhero down on his luck and besieged by weird and inexplicable events will be released on April 29th on Daddy Tank Records.

In the year of 1978, George Clinton and Frank Zappa had a love child named Joe DeVita. Ashamed of the controversy surrounding this unusual conception, both parents shipped little Joey off to Queens hoping to cleanse their hands of the whole affair. Little did they know that one day their little bastard child would grow up to create an album morphing the hard hitting gooves of Funkadelic and the satiracle wit of Zappa.

The album in question is called "The Antihero". This veritably apocolyptic album features funky grooves, wailing guitars, tales of Underwater Crabs attempting to enslave the human race, shoe rapists, tales of sexual frustration and last but not least, Spanish transvestites. As scary as this sordid amalgamation is, you must know that this is just the tip of the ice berg. We are not able to divulge all of the information in regards to this album. You will have to wait until April 29, 2013 to find out the rest. However, we can promise that you will laugh. You may cry. You make puke. You may laugh or cry while puking. You may be so out of sorts that you will eat your own puke while crying. Five years from now you may look back on yourself crying while puking and laugh. That is the power of this album.

In closing, not only is this album entertaining, funky, humorous and confounding. Everyone will agree this album is musically stunning. Also, if those attributes were not enough, The Antihero cd also comes with a very special grahic novel style booklet by the super talented Gwendy Gayle Hollanes as well as a wonderful T-Shirt focusing on Hollanes' Antihero during one of his more embarrassing moments. For the first time in a long time, music lovers can have access to multiple pieces of work that are not only to be listened to, but to be seen and felt as well.

To hear a song from "The Antihero" please visit

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Joe DeVita: Reflect
Joe DeVita: A Study

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