Dennis Family

Gospel Group Paulette Dennis, Millie Brown, Sandra Dennis - vocals

Lived in Millbrook, AL

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame


THE DENNIS FAMILY, a trio of ladies based in Millbrook Alabama,have made quite an impact on the Country Gospel/Christian Country Music world with the anointing of God and the spirit that lives within. Their dedication & commitment to the Lord's work has brought them national attention with numerous achievements & Awards.


Paulette Pynes,Alto of the trio,songwriter,and original member of the group,has been blessed with many things,one of which was her song, "Mountain Climber",being in the Top 80 Christian Country Music Chart for almost a year and climbing all the way into the Top 20 to # 2.

Denise Weldon,Lead singer,being the youngest of the trio has certainly not hampered her in her songwriting and singing abilities. Her talents have been amply rewarded. Her song, "Train For Glory" was in the Top 80 Christian Country Music Chart for 10 months and in the Top 20 for 3 of those months.

Millis Brown,Tenor of the trio,songwriter and comedian of the bunch has brought the crowds to tears with laughter with her comical attributes. Don't be mistaken by her joking and clowing around though,she loves the Lord and is 110% serious about His work.Her song, "Thank You Lord" was in the Top 80 Christian Country Chart for several months,peaking in the Top 20 at #13.

Let's not forget the two men that help keep these ladies on the road,getting them from destination to destination,keeping up with the maintenance on the bus,loading and unloading equipment,running sound,booking them for concerts & events,and doing a whole lot of praying. Wheat Pynes (Paulette's husband) and Rex Weldon (Denise's husband,who is also a minister of the gospel). They have two other faithful traveling companions -- their dogs,Symba & Shadow.

This trio of ladies is very humble in spirit,but are dynamite on the stage. They know and love the Lord.they're not ashamed of the gospel and are more than willing to share Him with others. They do more than 200 dates per year in all venues .... Churches,Auditoriums,Christian Centers,Festivals,Fairs,Telethons. For booking information,you may contact them @ (334) 285-5161 or Fax (334) 285-5704

The Dennis Family is not a group that is new to Southern Gospel music. This ladies trio from Alabama is the second generation of a family that has spent over 30 years spreading the good news of Jesus Christ across this vast nation of ours.

Millie, Paulette, and Denise are a special breed. They spend most of their lives travelling around the country by bus, setting up to sing anywhere and everywhere anyone will give them audience.
And now they have recorded a project for His Music Group called "Mountain Climber". It is a truly unique Cd. 10 songs of mostly original material fill the recording. And what makes that important is that most family groups out there these days are singing songs that are tried and true renditions of treasured southern gospel fare. The Dennis Family, meanwhile, is out on the road making their own brand of Christian country gospel. It's a little bit country, it's a little bit southern, and a whole lot gospel.
The three-part harmonies are so tightly wound that it is hard to tell where one part stops and another begins. These three ladies are all members of the Alabama Christian music association and have been selected as soprano, alto, and tenors of the year for 1998. So, the quality is there. Make no mistake about that. So, the question is, why haven't we heard more about these 3 ladies before now?
I can't begin to answer that question. Perhaps they ARE well known in the Alabama area. After all, they have a bus that they travel on, and they are constantly being booked. Maybe If we looked closer at the music we will have our answer.
"Mountain Climber" begins with the title track. An original number, this song tells about how we all have mountains to climb. And with the best mountain climber beside us, helping us do the climbing, there is no mountain that can't be overcome. Outstanding lead vocals by Denise, daughter of original member Paulette, combined with the wonderful high tenor and alto harmonies of mom and aunt Millie, make this number an outstanding lead off tune.
"Thank You Lord" follows. Another song written by Millie Dennis-Brown, this number is a song of reflection and remembrance. Denise sings the lead, telling about how good the Lord has been to all of them over the years. A beautiful melodic line, coupled with the signature Dennis Family harmonies, again combine to make a wonderful piece.
The pace quickens considerably on the next cut. "Someday Soon" is a racehorse number that tells every listener that Christ's returning is imminent and that we should be singing a happy song. Well, this song fills that request very nicely, thank you. I just can't get over how these three harmonize. It's wonderful!!
"What I Owe" is another song cut in the Christian country mold of The Dennis Family. Millie has penned another outstanding number. This one gives us the feel of an old Loretta Lynn or Patsy Cline number. And with the trademark harmonies of Millie, Paulette, and Denise, it is easy to close your eyes and think that you are listening to Loretta, Patsy, and others from that gone-by era.
It's just hit me. This group sounds a lot like the Andrews Sisters or McGuire Sisters, or the Lennon Sisters! That's who they remind me of. Ok, let's continue. Now that I've figured THAT out !!
Next up is "Train For Glory". A throwback to the days of Johnny Horton, this song reminds me of "Hiawatha" or something similar. The Indian drumbeats are there, to supplement the awesome harmonies of the lady trio.
"Can You Just Imagine" is a wonderful countrified ballad. It tells us in song of what Heaven will be like once we get there. Streets of gold, gates of pearl, crystal seas, mansions of white, and treasures untold. It will truly be a place like no other, as the lyric states. I can't wait, can you?
"Who Am I" is an old gospel number that is done up in Dennis Family style. As always before, Denise takes the lead, followed by her mother and aunt on the choruses. The result is a wonderful rendition of the classic gospel number.
The other numbers that follow only serve to reinforce the opinion that we've already come to about this fine trio. These 3 ladies are multi-talented and excellent singers. Their 3-part high harmonies are outstandingly handled and delivered. Never is there a trace of hesitancy on anyone's part, not even the musicians.
This Is truly an outstanding project. The Dennis Family delivers tune aftertune of tremendous harmonies, tremendous messages, and overall great music!
We should be hearing more from this great trio! Why not get a copy of "Mountain Climber" for youself? You will be glad you did!!
Until next time, God bless you all!

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