exhaulted ruler 1998

Location: Huntsville, Alabama

Genre: Indie/Post-Punk/Jangle

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Bio: Exalted Ruler 1998 is not a christian hardcore band as their name may suggest. they're the product of the modern musical eclecticism that is born of the current generation. sharing a love of 90's northwest acts like Modest Mouse and Elliott Smith along with British classics such as Joy Division and the Smiths, the trio all have their varying tastes but in the end come to marry them in a search for hooks that haunt the audience days later. originally the band was founded in spring of 2009 by bassist Jordan Bush and guitarist Brian Zaremba when Bush approached the latter with the idea of starting a band.

the early songs were a mix of noise punk and tame bedroom pop. soon a singer was sought and the position was filled by Scott Borland who brought along his own ideas and the band continued to develop, finding their strengths and focus. it would not be long though till Borland moved to Virginia leaving a vacancy and the founding duo in need of a third member. the two agreed to take on sharing vocal responsibilities and find a live drummer as opposed to the drum machine operating stuffed cat they owned named Katty Kat. thus arrived the current drummer Jacob Stewart who shared similar tastes with the band and an equal idea of what kind of music to play.

with a handful of older reworkings and new songs, er98 attained the help of local producer and musician Patrick Kearney to record their Songs For Scott EP in the summer of 2010 in Stewart's tool shed containing temperatures that equate with most volcanoes. the EP was received well and helped the band gain attention and gigs. anxious to write more material, the band near immediately began working up on their follow-up Never Fall In Love in the spring of 2011, with help from Michael Hausner for recording. the focus of the band was furthered with an emphasis on strong melodies and often employing unconventional song structures on songs such as “For the Jaguar” and “Highway”. due to the band's various musical interests the songs vary from the post-punk tinges of “Sleeper Hit Winter 91'”, to Lonesome Crowded West era Modest Mouse on “Nurse”, Marr-like guitar work on songs like “Eldridge” and “Suicide Glasses”, or the roaring shoegaze of “Deer In The Headlights”. despite the previously mentioned kitchen-sink of a body of work, in the end it just comes down to whatever the band thinks sounds good.

Members: Brian Zaremba- Guitar/ Vocals Jordan Bush- Bass/ Vocals Jacob Stewart- Drums


Fake Wayfarers (ep)- 2009 Independent release
Songs for Scott (ep) 2010 Independent release
Never Fall in Love- 2011 Independent release

Music can be purchased at Vertical House records in Huntsville and Pegasus records in Florence.

Website: http://www.facebook.com/exaltedruler1998

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