I am a songwriter, singer and actor. And as part of the Audio team at Dogwood Productions I draw on each one of these talents almost daily in my job. I run sound studio B and create radio and television commercials. I use my acting skills when coming up with the “right” voice for a commercial, and I turn to songwriting and singing in the development of commercial jingles and music beds.

“Music has always been a part of my life.”

I've been singing and playing guitar since my teens. My early influences included the Beatles, Beach Boys, Bob Dylan and the Byrds. Later on, I discovered singer/songwriters like Jim Croce, Steve Goodman, Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, Harry Chapin, John Prine and others. Other influences include Hank Williams, Sr., Woody Guthrie, Josh White and Lloyd Cooper.

I also began writing songs in my teens. I heard someone say, there’s a song in everyone you meet, so with that thought in mind I began to look for material to write about, and I’ve never run out of ideas. I won top awards in the Hank Williams Songwriting contest. I took first place in over 23 other national contestants.

In the past few years I have really begun studying the craft of songwriting. I am a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International. Through the affiliation with NSAI I have been able to study under some of Nashville’s top writers. I never miss an chance to perform my songs for an audience of 1 to 101. I have been a featured songwriter at Nashville’s prestigious BlueBird Cafe and the Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival.

I've written songs for several local organizations such as the Salvation Army, the Child Advocacy Center and the USA Children's and Women's Hospital. I penned “Champion” for the Children's Miracle Network. Mobile radio station WMXC played the song during its annual telethon. It’s also been featured on other media.

My singing has also gone hand in hand with my acting talent in local theatre groups. I prefer musicals to drama because its a better fit to my personality. I’m not much of a dancer, but I can sing and play guitar all day long. I was part of Mobile Theatre Guild’s “A Sanders Family Christmas” cast. The entourage represented the United States at the prestigious World Amateur Theatre Festival in Monaco.

So, I keep on writing and singing because I enjoy it. As they say, it's all about the ride, not the destination - and on this ride there are a lot of songs I've yet to write. Show me a life and I'll write you a song! It's my job to keep my eyes and ears open for new material to write about. You could be my next hit!

Website http://rayfarnell.com/

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