terry fellInstruments: Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter
Date of Birth: May 13, 1921
Place of Birth: Dora, Alabama

Terry Fell is best known as writer of and the original artist to record the classic "Truck Driving Man." In 1954, Terry had his first record release, "Don't Drop It", make it to the Top 5 and the flip-side, "Truck Driving Man", went on to become an all-time Country favorite. In 1959, while in the U.S. Army in Germany, Fell co-authored 20 lines of a song titled "Mississippi River" with Elvis Presley. The song was never finished or recorded but was sold at auction in 1996 for $30,000. During the late 50's, throat problems helped Fell decide to get out of the business as an artist. Terry continued writing and working with publishing companies.

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame


truck drivin man terry fellKnown for his one big hit, 1954's "Truck Driving Man," Terry Fell is but a footnote in country history, but an important one nonetheless. His hit literally spawned the whole truck driving saga that is still a major part of country music's lyrical pool. He was also the first to see the promise in a young Buck Owens, signing him to a manager's contract and using him as a lead guitarist on his sessions.

Fell started his recording career around 1945 as a member of Billy Hughes' group for Fargo Records. After the lone Fargo release, Fell recorded for Courtney and 4-Star, kicking up enough noise and sales with the 4-Star singles to get signed to RCA Victor's new 'X' subsidiary in 1954. It was at his first RCA session held in Hollywood that Fell waxed his first, and biggest, hit, the two-sided smash "Don't Drop It" and the immortal "Truck Drivin' Man." At first, "Don't Drop It" was the side to watch, spawning no less than five different cover versions for two different marketplaces. But it was the flip side that became the classic, spawning innumerable cover versions and hitting again on the country charts as late as 1976 for Red Steagall. Fell stayed with RCA and show business for the next five or six years, seeing no more hits but making serious inroads into the behind-the-scenes side of Nashville. Although he continued to record sporadically for Crest, Lode, and even RCA again, he had made the successful move into songwriting and music publishing, earning far more than he ever had as a performer. ~ Cub Koda, Rovi

Terry Fell's legacy consists almost entirely of the song "Truck Driving Man," a standard that has been recorded by countless country artists after being revived by Buck Owens in the '60s. Fell's original 1954 RCA version is a harmonica-driven stomper with all-star accompanists. The other 23 tracks on this collection of Fell's '50s recordings are mostly hillbilly novelties, including his sole hit, "Don't Drop It," which features the sort of nonsense vocalizing that later became Del Reeves' trademark. Terry Fell was a capable but not particularly distinctive vocalist who is remembered more for his songwriting than his recordings, but if you're crazy about '50s country you'll enjoy almost everything on Truck Driving Man. ~ Greg Adams, Rovi All Music Guide

Source: http://www.answers.com/topic/terry-fell#ixzz1Bp7zfWkT

Born in Dora, Alabama, Terry Fell (May 13, 1921 - April 4, 2007) wrote Truck Drivin' Man in 1954 which was on the flipside of Don't Drop It. Terry's recording career was cut short due to vocal problems, but he remained in the business as a non-performer.

Trucking songs recorded include:

Coffee Jim, Truck Drivin' Man

Trucking songs penned include:

Coffee Jim, Good Morning Truck Driver, Night Run To Fresno, Peterbilt Mama, Truck Drivin' Man, Wish I Had A Nickel

You Tube:
Don't Drop It/Truck Driving Man: http://youtu.be/sdmQfyzKJG8

Country singer and songwriter Terry Fell sings plays in the Country Corner bar in Nashville http://youtu.be/9ujCd3MN6m0

More Info: http://www.alabamamusichistoryblog.alabamamusicoffice.com/2012/07/dora-native-terry-fell-is-best-know-for.html


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