Instruments: Vocals
Date of Birth: March 11
Home: Albertville, Alabama

The amazing sound of Cat Freeman revolutionized Gospel Music. His sound was like no other. No one even tried to imitate him. Because, try was all they could do. No one could come close.

Because of his unique tenor voice, he sang with some of the nations top male quartets. He spent time singing with Walley Fowler's Oak Ridge Quartet, The All Star Quartet, The Blackwood Brothers and the hugely popular Statesmen Quartet.

Cat was known for his antics and showmanship. People today say that in his time he was the best at relating to an audience and then capturing the song that would stir them out of their seats.

Cat was also famous for his sense of humor. Some people have characterized him as the "happiest person they knew." Cat spent much of his time in his later years teaching others through the old fashioned singing schools that went form church to church and home to home. He influenced many new talents from the Sand Mountain area with his knowledge and love of life.

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Cat Freeman was an accomplished tenor singer for two of the biggest quartets in Southern Gospel music. He was with the Statesmen from 1951-1953. He returned to that group from 1957-1958 following the sudden, unexpected passing of Denver Crumpler. Cat also sang tenor for the Oak Ridge Quartet. He is also known as the brother of perhaps the most recognizable name in Southern Gospel, Vestal Goodman.


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