Full Moon Ensemble

Folk, Irish, Bluegrass Group Florence, AL

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame

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Members: Allison King, Scooter Muse, Daniel Carwile, Doug Stokes, Amy Carwile and Randy Palmer

"Appearing on a bill of world class artists, the Full Moon Ensemble, came, saw and conquered the hearts of the

Scottish people. These six talented musicians from Alabama, weave the fine threads of Celtic music into a tapestry

of passionate reels and nostalgic ballads. Occasionally we may fortunate to be invited into their magical world, if

offered, I urge you to accept their invitation -- they'll take your breath away. HASTE YE BACK!!"

Alex McKinven

Funding Co-Ordinator

The Mull of Kintyre Music Festival


Source: http://www.great-music.net/fullmoon/



Music of Scotland, Ireland and Early America

At first it seems a bit disconcerting. The fertile creative soil from which W.C. Handy and the Muscle Shoals Sound flowered has yielded a group of musicians who have dug deeper for their inspiration; down to the roots of most forms of American Music.

The Full Moon Ensemble performs the music of Scotland, Ireland and early America and have developed into an extraordinarily powerful group whose sound cuts right to the heart of the emotional bone.

This six-piece band has joined what is best in the world of the trained musicians and those that are self taught to form an explosive sound which offers the listener an incredible variety of melodies and emotions.

The Full Moon Ensemble consists of:

Grand Masters Fiddle Champion Daniel Carwile on fiddle and mandolin

Five-time State of Alabama banjo champion Scooter Muse on guitar, tenor banjo and five string banjo

18-year-old Allison King on lead vocals and guitar

Annette Harman on pedal harp, folk harp, keyboards and vocals

Tony Lee on bass and bouzouki

Tom Risher on dumbek, shakers and various percussion

Six talented performers, each different in personality, background and style, have reached a musical common ground on which the Full Moon Ensemble now sits. From hauntingly beautiful ballads to blistering reels, an evening with the group is an acoustic coach ride across Celtic Ireland and Scotland, the hamlets of England and Wales, and deep into the valleys of Appalachia.

The Full Moon Ensemble is without a doubt ---- a true listening experience. A few thoughts on the band - - - - -

"a fresh new sound from Alabama; absolutely wonderful!" (Regis Malady, The Celtic Trader, Charlotte, NC)

"The Full Moon Ensemble gave us our first sell-out concert in the Performance Hall at the University of North Alabama . .a huge hit . . every time their music has left the audience wanting more!" (Dr. Joe Wallace, Director of University Events, The University of North Alabama)

"What a wide range of tremendous musical talent! . . . . a must hear!" (Gary Morrison, Producer / Celtic Jam & Celtic Stages, Grandfather Mountain Highland Games)

"The Full Moon Ensemble keeps captivating crowds with the melodious, soul-stirring musical heritage of Ireland, Scotland and early America. Their debut recording, 'Safe Harbor,' confirms what live audiences have known all along: Six of the Muscle Shoals area's most versatile musicians have blended their own distinctive styles into a stimulating and thouroughly mesmerizing partnership. Together the Full Moon Ensemble makes these vintage vestiges of the Celtic tradition seem remarkably fresh, vibrant and uplifting!" (Terry Pace, Entertainment Editor, Times Daily)

Source: http://www.highlandnet.com/events/ent/bios/e055.html

More info at: discuss.celticgrove.com/stories/storyReader$128.html









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