..Hi, I'm Ronnie Lee Gipson... Some know me as Lil Bo... I play in 6 bands that Im proud to be a part of... I love driving... I love working on cars... I'm reliable, most people aren't... I'm not lazy, I was just born tired and never got over it... I might be worth getting to know... Although, I warn, I can be addictive... You'll probably just tell me to piss off... It's hard to see the real me...


..Black Willis Band.. Les Paul Custom & Vox.... Silver Lion's 20/20.. Les Paul Custom & Vox.... Carroll County Picture Show.. Tele Bass.... The Virgin Destroyers.. Les Paul Custom & Vox.... The Original Shake Charmers.. Les Paul Custom & Vox.... Deathlights.. Les Paul Custom.... Druid City Rockers.. Premier Drums & Vox......


..Rock n roll, soul, surf, r/b, garage, mod, powerpop, punk rock, psychedelic, blues, jazz, jam, free jazz, big band, death metal, black metal, americana, country, hardcore, thrash, hip hop, drums, guitar, bass, cars, music, vinyl, photography, hanging out, movies, being broke, thrift stores, whiskey, beer, smokes, vintage gear, afros, parties, driving...

Sounds Like

..The finest sonic mash around... Powerslop...

Source: MySpace Page

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/ronnieleegipson

Facebook: http://facebook.com/ronnieleegipson

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