Location: Lincoln Co. TN (lived in Tuscaloosa, AL)

Genre/style: rock/country/blues

Business contact: David Gulliver

Address: 18 Cotton Lane Ardmore, TN 38449
Phone: (615) 517-7631
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

david gulliverBio:

David Gulliver (drums/engineer) Born Minneapolis, MN Jan 20, 1963. Lived in Tuscaloosa, Al. David started playing drums at age 6, mostly along with the AM gold hits of the day. By the time he was a teenager, he was in a couple different bands playing parties and school functions. He started getting called for some session work around this time as well, and was always interested in the production/engineering side of things. After high school, he attended Full Sail university earning a degree in the Recording Arts.

Growing up in the college town of Tuscaloosa, Al., there was plenty of band work. "The Strip" as it is known on campus, proved a fertile ground for sharpening his musical skills, as venues and gigs were plentiful. David later made the move to Nashville to continue drumming and find work on the other side of the glass. He was able to find an engineering internship in Keith Stegall's camp, a Grammy-winning producer for acts such as Randy Travis, Alan Jackson, George Jones, and other top major label acts.

David is still writing, performing and engineering at his own recording studio and various venues throughout the southeast.

Source: David Gulliver

Website: https://www.facebook.com/david.gulliver

Bio on drums: Chrome; The Executives;  Stormfront; Eric Fiedor /The American Steel Band/ F105; Vibrasonic; The In-Laws; Valhalla; Tommy Gardner / Patty Townsend;  Sandy Burnette & Hip Pocket; Michelle Chebanes;  Blue Monday;  Poker Face; Paul "Wine" Jones;  Channel 99 / K99; Hal Bruni & The Hi Rollers;   Gary Edmonds and the Bridge;   Jason Herndon & the Wreck;  Jason Crow;  Sarah Darling;  The Wing Nuts;  Cheesebrokers; Will Dooley;   Max Aaron Tew; Albert Simpson / Highly Kind;  Bullitt;  Mark Collie;    Angela Hacker;  Jennifer Boise / SWJ;   W. C. Handy Fest;  Flora-Bama Mullet Toss;  Joe Wright; Doug Stone;  Johnny Neel;  Love Bucket;  Gingko Balboa; The Cheesebrokers;  Scrapracket;  Indian Summer;  Crystal Hoyt;  Alabama Line;  Jamey Garner; Bridgette Tatum;  Rex Oggs; Undercover;  Will Dooley; Shannon Formby;  Eric Landis / Mother's Medicine; Tony Brook Band;  Love Apples;  Daisychain;  Indiana Jones; Wayne Mills Band; Southern Hauler;  Jarrod Birmingham; Jamey Johnson;  Muzik Mafia Misfits;  Jill Kinsey; Keaton Allen/Sweetleaf;   Johnny Phillips;  Damien Horne "Mista "D";  Dean Hall & The Loose Eels;   Chade Biggs;  Kenny Alphen / John Rich- Big & Rich;   Shawna P & the Earth Funk Tribe;  Mother Mary Moonshine

david gulliver recording

 Some recording engineer credits:

    •    Alan Jackson
    •    George Jones
    •    Merle Haggard
    •    Terri Clark
    •    The Wrights / Adam & Shannon
    •    Catherine Britt
    •    Whitney Duncan
    •    The 'Bama Gamblers
    •    Todd Johnson Trio
    •    Kenny Rogers



iTunes: Hits I Missed and One I Didn't - George Jones and Terri Clark - Terri Clark and Down This Road - The Wrights and Alan Jackson: The Greatest Hits Collection - Alan Jackson and What I Do - Alan Jackson

Amazon: Alan Jackson The Greatest Hits Collection and Alan Jackson What I Do and The Wrights Down This Road and George Jones Hits I Missed And One I Didn't and Terri Clark and Kenny Rodgers 42 Ultimate Hits

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