I'm Tyra Grayson, but I go by my initials, T.G. I'm from Birmingham, Alabama, born and raised. In the music world, I rap, sometimes sing and I'm also a songwriter and poet. I never really played an instrument, I was into bass guitar and after a couple of weeks, I stopped. So nobody really taught me music, everything was self taught. Rapping, songwriting, etc. But my uncle and grandpa help me if I need it. So many people in the music world have influenced me to do what I do, rappers such as Eminem, Jake Miller, Kevin Gates, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore and so many more. Their speed of rapping, the messages behind the songs. That's why rap is so important to me because I feel like I can get my message across so much easier. Singers and other artists like Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, Christina Grimmie (Rest In Peace angel) Selena Gomez, Twenty One Pilots, Heffron Drive, Areosmith, Michael Jackson (Rest in peace to you also King Of Pop) and Janet Jackson. Michael Jackson has taught me so much and has expanded my love for children and my love for music and the motivation to change this world and being the one to make a change even when those around you aren't. The list goes on and on but these are just several rappers and artists who have shaped me into who I am today as an artist.

I've been writing since 6th grade, my teacher had us doing writing assignments and so did my English teacher that was my teacher from 7th-11th grade also taught me how to write better and expand my knowledge and think outside the box, and on my off time, I'd write stories about my first day at that school, basketball stories, poems, and whatever I felt. My favorite spoken word artist/author is Jefferson Bethke. Basketball was my first love, since 4th grade and I stopped playing after my junior year. I went to a new school after my junior year, public school, never been to a public school a day in my life, I've always been in a private Christian school and the basketball team at the public school just didn't feel right after a few practices and workouts. It wasn't the workouts or the intensity of practices, it just didn't feel right all around. I even tried track and it didn't work for as long as I thought, so I stopped sports and up to this day I miss playing basketball, but something told me to further my writing and music career. I also do graphic design sometimes and so does my grandpa, he got me into that hobby. Every since I stopped sports, I've been working on those two things, graphic design and music. I put my first cover on YouTube February 2nd, 2012. I was singing and I told my subscribers I'll be rapping next.

Up to this day, I'm still learning how to use music and production equipment. I use recording apps on my Ipad and still do covers, I know it seems silly, but high quality, great, inspirational music from me will be coming soon and it will shock the city of Birmingham. People wonder, why aren't you in the studio? Why aren't you releasing original songs? Why aren't you doing this? Why aren't you doing that? My grandpa has studio equipment, and my uncle has connections to people that have studios. My family grew up in the music world. My uncle is a guitarist, keyboardist, pianist, and a producer, and my grandpa is a guitarist and sings R&B, and my cousin Tracy in New Jersey also sings. There's been things going as to why I haven't done more than just covers. But I promise my city that I will be getting out there.

I get discouraged cause I'm not as big as someone else but everybody starts somewhere. This is just the beginning for me and I see myself being a artist, producer or writer or graphic designer in the future. One of those things, or all of those things. Behind the scenes, I'm still writing songs, spreading myself around social media and after a few songs of my own, I'm gonna start collaborating with local artists and build them up as I go. Music is all about heart, soul, dedication, feelings, emotions and building people up and people will most definitely see that from me regardless of what life has to offer me. I wanna thank my friends, church friends, friends I've made online, my family and most importantly God, for pushing me to become a better person and helping me to be a little bit stronger everyday so that I can be able to do what I love regardless of the negativity that's out here in this world. Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Misha Collins from my favorite CW show Supernatural have said these four things; Jared has a campaign called "Always Keep Fighting" and in the midst of each AKF campaign he teaches us how we can all keep fighting, things such as loving yourself first and realizing that you are enough. Jensen and Misha did a campaign called "You Are Not Alone" and it taught us that no matter how big this world is, or how small we may seem to be or how discouraged or upset we are, we are not alone in this fight. I take these four sayings and put them into my music and in my life. Everybody should go by these sayings. "Always Keep Fighting" "Love Yourself First" "You Are Not Alone" & "I Am Enough". No matter what I do with my life whether it be being the biggest music artist, producer, writer, designer or whatever I choose to be in life , these will always be four major things that I will continuously lean on.

Official Website: http://tyragraysonmusic.webs.com/

Car Radio-Twenty One Pilots Cover (All rights to DigiTrax Entertainment) will be on iTunes soon! https://open.spotify.com/track/6XI817ij47rTSUzEuh7JLf

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