Keith Henry

Folk Vocals, Songwriter, Studio Owner

Born: 1959 Killen, AL

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame

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Keith Henry has been a musician either by heart, or by aspiration for as long as he can remember. "I was just a little guy in my grandfather's back yard, and I can remember banging on an anvil, and Quaker oats containers as my drum kit." Keith's primary instrument is the guitar. "My first recollections of formal music training must have been around age seven? My first guitar instructor canceled my training saying, my hands were too small, and I should come back after my fingers have grown. Obviously nobody ever told Mozart to come back later, when at age three he composed his first classical piece?" By age eleven Keith was taking piano lessons.


Keith grew up with music always being a major part of his life. "Around the house, my parents would have The Platters, or Elvis spinning on the old Motorola. To this day, although I listen to, and have played everything from classical, jazz, techno, reggae to heavy metal, I still rank The Platters in my top five all time favorites. The harmonies were just incredible, and the songs were extremely well written, with flowing melodies. My grandmother and several of her brother's played guitar, and sang. I also have cousins whom play guitar, sing, and record." Keith's cousin Matt Henry can be found on CMH Records releases performing bluegrass tributes to Metallica, Ozzie Osbourne, and Led Zepplin.

By 1983 in his home town of Muscle Shoals, Alabama (home to the world famous recording studios FAME, and Muscle Shoals Sound), Keith was playing professionally 5-6 nights per week, attending the local University Of North Alabama full time studying music theory, classical guitar, piano, collegiate singers, and still managed to work a full time job. "I don't recommend that kind of work load to anyone! After a couple of years of burning the candle on both ends, I literally looked like a walking zombie."

In 1985 Keith moved from Muscle Shoals to Melvis, Tn., better known as Memphis, TN. There Keith performed with a few bands and soaked of the history and heritage of Bealle Street . " Memphis is where I met what I would say is one of my greatest influences as a guitar player, and classical composer-Shawn Lane. In my opinion, although Shawn is not as widely known as he should be, he is note for note possibly the best guitar player I've ever heard! It's just scary to see him live! He also introduced me to the music of Franz Liszt, and Alexander Scriabin, among others." Sadly, on September 26, 2003 after a long illness, Shawn Lane passed away. He will be greatly missed. (Visit:

In 1986 Keith moved westward, and attended school at Central Arizona College , near Phoenix . There Keith studied jazz guitar under the direction of Casey Carlisle, and performed with the schools jazz ensemble. In 1987 Keith moved back southward to study at Atlanta Institute of Music. "Man talk about some great players at that school! This was the time when Satriani, Eric Johnson, Vai, Malmstein, Steve Morse (the list goes on) were the hot guitarist, so everybody at school was into shredding, blazing arpeggio sweeps, and the like."

1989 found Keith back west again to San Diego , and then again to Phoenix for a musically fruitless stint. "That was a frustrating period, so in 1992 I headed to Florida ." From 1992-1997 while in Panama City , FL., Keith performed regularly at the world famous Club La Vela, Spinnaker Beach Club, and other local venues. During this time, Keith began to venture into live sound engineering. "I had always had a little project studio, so engineering was always of interest to me. I did freelance engineering during MTV & SPIN Magazine Spring Break Festivals in Panama City . I also engineered several large blues and jazz festivals while in PC, for such notable acts as Little Jimmy Reed, The Noel Freidline Quartet, Microwave Dave & The Nukes, Pete Minger, and Willie Hightower (formerly of The Drifters)."

1998 found Keith full circle, back to his native Muscle Shoals, AL, taking a larger step into to the recording/business aspects of music. "Performing in bands just wasn't paying the bills, so I started looking at my career in a different light." Keith has been expanding his recording studio, producing unsigned bands, and in 2002 formed his own publishing-NY TO LA Studio & Nytola Music, ASCAP."

In 2002, Keith released his first children's CD-The Adventures of Bean Head, Diaper Britches and Uncle Gackle. This CD was nominated for The Parents Choice Awards. And, two songs from the CD won honorable mention in the 2003 John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Keith is currently working on his second children's CD, and plans to have it released soon. "I most certainly will release my next CD in surround sound DVD audio format. I am also considering releasing these children's stories in an animated video series." Keith also continues to look for new talent, and is recording and producing various unsigned bands.

January 2003, Keith moved to Seattle , WA to continue his education. Keith will graduate in September 2004 with an Associates degree in Audio Production. Just a few of Keith's achievements in the past year have been; Voice-overs editing/sound design for the #1 selling video game for Electronic Arts, Inc .-"The Sim's TM " Superstar Expansion Pack which won the Academy of Arts and Sciences'7th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards (AIAS)- PC Simulation Game of the Year . Keith has also performed sound design for "It's About Time" -Animated cartoon short -Art Institute of Seattle student project. Presented at Ottawa International Student Animation Festival July 4, 2003, accepted to Siggraph reel in San Diego , CA August 2003 for national showings, and voted #1 at Seattle Film Festival 2003. "Army of Nine" - Animated cartoon short December 2003 Art Institute of Seattle student project. Scheduled for national release on Odyssey Entertainment Animation. Reel in 2004. Recorded Magnus Svensson - World-renowned Classical Pianist Jan. 4, 2004 . Keith will also be mixing a song on the next Electronic Arts, Inc .-"The Sim's TM " release, and is currently recording and producing a CD project for Isla Ross.











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