David Hood

Born: Sept. 21, 1943 Sheffield, AL

Alabama Music Hall of Fame 1995 Inductee David Hood began playing on the fraternity band circuit with the Mystics while working at his father's tire store in Florence. He soon found his bass playing in demand at Fame Studio, and made the move to becoming a professional musician.

He teamed with drummer Roger Hawkins and for over two decades they have created laid back yet rock solid rhythm tracks for hundreds of artists. In addition to playing on recordings by Willie Nelson, Art Garfunkel, Joan Baez, Linda Ronstadt, Bobby Womack, Helen Reddy, James Brown, Archie Bell and the Drells, Glenn Frey, Boz Scaggs, Leon Russell, The Oak Ridge Boys, Dr. Hook, Traffic, The Staple Singers, Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Arthur Conley, Clarence Carter, Percy Sledge, Cher, Bob Seger, Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, Tony Joe White, Eddie Floyd, Johnnie Taylor, Jose Feliciano, Carlos Santana, Dorothy Moore, Rod Stewart, Bonnie Bramlett, Billy Swann, John Conlee, Lonnie Mack, Sanford-Townsend, Delbert McClinton, Eddie Rabbit, he has also produced acts such as Blackfoot, Smith-Perkins-Smith, and Jackson Highway. In the early 70s, he joined the group Traffic for tours of Europe and the U.S. and appears on the live album by that group titled "On The Road".

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David Hood was born and grew up in Sheffield, Alabama. He started playing trombone in the high school band at age 14, and by age 17 he had started playing guitar and bass. After graduating from high school and while attending the University of North Alabama, David and three former classmates from Sheffield formed the “Mystics” to play the fraternity circuit in Alabama and Mississippi. It was during this period that David started hanging out at Rick Hall's Fame Studios and Quin Ivy's Quinvy studios, with the hope of getting into the fledgling recording industry in Muscle Shoals.

By 1966-67, Hood had played bass or trombone on several early Muscle Shoals hits including James and Bobby Purify's “I'm Your Puppet,” Percy Sledge’s “Warm and Tender Love,” Aretha Franklin’s “I Never Loved A Man,” and Etta James’ “Tell Mama.” It was during this period that he teamed with Roger Hawkins, Jimmy Johnson and Barry Beckett to form what was to become the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section. The rhythm section continued to rack up a string of hits at Fame and other studios until 1969, when they felt it was time to go out on their own.

David, Roger, Jimmy and Barry became studio owners with the purchase of a studio in Sheffield at 3614 Jackson Highway which they remodeled and renamed Muscle Shoals Sound Studios. The rest is history, with David and the rhythm section recording hits with R.B. Greaves, Aretha, Lulu, The Staple Singers, Wilson Pickett, Bobby Womack, Mel and Tim, Paul Simon, Traffic, Millie Jackson, Bob Seger, Willie Nelson, Delbert McClinton, Rod Stewart, Jimmy Buffett, Dr. Hook, Oak Ridge Boys, Glen Frey, and many, many more.

In 1978, they moved to new, more modern facilities on the Tennessee River and continued the string of hits until they sold the studios to Malaco Records in 1985. Since selling the studios, David has remained in Muscle Shoals and continues playing on recordings there and in Nashville, Memphis, Chicago, London, Paris and anywhere else he is called. In the last few years, David has played on hit recordings by Primal Scream, Toby Keith, Jimmy Buffett, The Oak Ridge Boys, Johnny Taylor, and Bobby Blue Bland.

In 1995, David and the rest of the rhythm section were honored by induction to the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. With the beginning of the new millennium, David Hood looks forward to playing the bass and making great records for years to come.

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Listen: http://www.cdbaby.com/Search/ZGF2aWQgaG9vZA%3d%3d/0

The Decoys : Shot From The Saddle

Listen: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/decoys


author: Chuck(Doc)Snow

I call myself knowing something about this.... I went to see the Decoys(Scott Boyer,David Hood, N.C. Thurman,Kelvin Holly,Mike Dillon...Drums)two weeks ago and I enjoyed the performance. I enjoyed it so much that I ordered this CD from CD Baby. Best customer service in the western world! After having listened to the album numerous times I have about decided that they may have recorded THE DEFINITIVE R&B ALBUM. It is in my estimation what all music-makers and recordists should listen to, to see if they are doing R&B, and to see what R&B really is, and how it ought to be done. It was recorded at FAME studios. 'Nuff said. "Shot From The Saddle" by the Decoys is the North Star for all R&B musical mariners. I write music and lyrics and have a CD on CD Baby myself, so I feel moderately qualified to speak on the issue, plus have been a hard-core music fan for longer than most people have been alive, and have spent many nights, as my poet friend Everette Maddox opined, with "my ear cupped to a busted radio". In the hills of north-central Alabama, and in the flatlands of East Mississippi, or down on the Gulf Coast 40 years ago, late on Winter nights on AM stations that had no name, that skipped in and out like ghosts, you could hear music like this...but not for long, and it'd be gone with the wind. Well, here it is, dressed up and come to town, and man, is it long overdue?? You can listen as long as you want to with no fade-outs!! You can get down, and get up, miss somebody, cry out for rescue, reminisce with a homeless drifter, lament your woes, and generally be entertained almost beyond your ability to comprehend prospectively, plus be taken to school on the Muscle Shoals R & B genre. Brick mason to musicologist, everybody has a place for this record. Doc Snow




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