Steve Holland

Born: Dothan, AL

Rock Molly Hatchet

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame

The Hatchet Guitar Army


The classic line-up: Dave Hlubek, Duane Roland, Banner Thomas and Steve Holland

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Date of Birth :  1954


Place of Birth: Dothan, Alabama.

Earliest Musical Memories: Steve wasn't into playing sports much, due to his slim build as a child.

He picked up his first guitar aged 8, and first learnt to play "Green Onions". His parents bought him his first guitar when he was 10.

Musical Heroes: The first time Steve heard Jimi Hendrix play "Foxy Lady" it changed his world!

Resume of Steve's career with Molly Hatchet:

Steve was a bit wild - Danny Joe told Gritz: "Steve was absolutely insane, that's why he left. I've seen Steve Holland eat corn flakes, pouring beer on them. I love him to death, don't get me wrong."

In the early seventies, Steve moved from Virginia Beach to Jacksonville. After only being there for a few weeks, he first met Dave Hlubek at Paula's Music in downtown Jacksonville (where future Allman Brothers Band member Dickey Betts worked as a guitar salesman). Steve introduced himself by telling Dave that his black Les Paul "sucked".

Steve played on five albums: Molly Hatchet (1978), Flirtin' with Disaster (1979), Beatin the Odds (1980), Take no Prisoners (1981) and No Guts No Glory (1983) Steve is credited with rearranging "Dreams I'll Never See"  for the first album.

Steve Holland resigned  at a 1984 gig with Sammy Hagar in Detroit - he apparently went straight up to former Danny Joe Brown Band keyboard player John Galvin and said ,"Wanna be in the band? You can take MY place, I've had enough."

Since Leaving Hatchet:

Steve participated in the Jammin' for DJB fundraiser in 1999, for Danny Joe Brown.

He is now a co-producer for the Southern Lost Boys

He lives in Valdosta, Georgia, but spends a lot of his time sailing his yacht, "The Flying Dutchman"

In March 2003, the original Hatchet guitar army reunited for a couple of gigs with the Southern Rock Allstars. See the reunited Steve, Dave and Duane at the SRA site.

Steve is still to be seen guesting at gigs, despite the fact that he has suffered a stroke in the past.

Most recently (posted November 2004), Steve has announced that he successfully underwent surgery to repair two fused vertebrae in his neck which had, allied to a broken pelvis some years ago, left him in constant pain. This has enabled Steve to make plans to help out in a project called "Musicians with Medical Issues", due to launch in January 2005. He has also signed up to play again with Riff West, Jimmy Farrar, Bruce Crump, Duane Roland and Dave Hlubek in an, as yet, un-named band.

Latest news is that Steve has signed on for a project involving classic members of Hatchet; himself, Jimmy Farrar, Riff West, Duane Roland, Bruce Crump and Bruce's bandmate from Daddy-Oh, guitarist Linne Disse (who replaces Dave Hlubek in the bands plans). They have named themselves after their classic song..."Gator Country Band" and kick off their career in style opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd on March 12 2005 in Orlando, FLA


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