Ray Hood

Bonr: 1962 Dora, AL

Country Guitar, Vocals

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Ray Hood

Listen: http://www.amazon.com/Ray-Hood/dp/B000051XXL


BUY THIS CD! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!, January 30, 2001

By Charles F.Dauphin,III



One of the 40 most played records here at WDKN in 2000 was a song by Alabama native Ray Hood,acclaimed performer and writer of hits for Doug Stone,among others. The song was "Critical List" and it struck a chord with a lot of radio stations as it was one of the most-played Independent records of the fall of 2000! His follow-up,"What's A Little More Water" was released in January 2001,and looks to equal the success of the first single,and with his emotional delivery should give the talented newcomer more attention. Whether you are a fan of Traditional Country or Contemporary Country,there is something for you here! Take a listen to "Wait Till I Get My Hands On You" and see if it doesn't conjure up images of Conway Twitty. It should be a huge hit with the ladies! On the flip side,you need to have a strong male appeal....and Ray has a song that should do just that in "Freedom ( Honey On A Harley)"....a fun song that is a crowd pleaser...Speaking of pleasing crowds...if you get a chance to see this talented newcomer in person...you need to.. Hearing him perform his spellbinding version of Mark Gray's 1983 hit "Left Side Of The Bed" is worth the price of admission alone! Ray Hood----remember the name....he's going to be one to watch!


More info: http://www.myspace.com/rayhoodcountry

Video: http://www.singingfool.com/Title.aspx?publishedid=154550

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