rusty hendrixRusty Hendrix, born March 9th 1960 in Gadsden, Alabama. Member of Confederate Railroad since 2008.

Rusty drew up in Louisiana, Georgia and Alabama. The son of Rev. & Mrs. Oel Hendrix. Mothers name (Jimmie Hendrix) They were in the Missionary Field as well as pastoring churches.

I started playing guitar at age 8 in church picking up "chops" from my dad (who also played) as well as my first cousin Jimmy Rutherford. Jimmy also used to play with the band Starbuck "Moonlight Feels Right" before their hit records. Rusty also played baseball in little league through high school. He was a left hander starting from the 9th grade thru the 12th. grade.

After high school Rusty moved back to Louisiana to go to college. He played weekends to make extra money as well. After 2 years he moved back to Alabama and started playing in local bands all around the southeast where he first met Danny Shirley.

In 1989 he met up again with Danny at Mrs. Kitty's nightclub in Marietta, GA. Niteowl, the band I was in would rotate weeks with the "Danny Shirley Band". After recording and writing songs with "Niteowl" I left the band in "94" to tour with Nashville country artist Greg Holland ("Let Me Dance"). After Greg Holland, he came back to Alabama in 95-98 to play in Gadsden at the Warehouse with Bill Cole & The Click. It was while playing there where he started hanging out and writing songs with country artist Mark Wills. In "98" he joined his touring band and in "99" did the George Strait tour with him. In Sept of "99" he went to work with Sammy Kershaw until May of "08". he would also like to thank them for the friendship and great opportunity they gave him it was a blast! Rusty says "They are great guys!" He is looking forward to playing with Confederate Railroad and meeting everyone. I believe it is a truly God Given Honor!

Hobbies include: Indian relics, Indian relics, and did he mention Indian relics? Oh ya and hunting too. Hanging out with family and friends, session work, volunteer work, picking guitar with friends for schools and the elderly, sick and shut ins etc. A "God Send" for him!

On September 28th 1985 he married Vicki his wife and they have a daughter Rebecca.

Source: Confederate Railroad official website



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