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This profile was edited with Thomas' myspace editor™ V2.5--With a lot of time in the music business, I have experienced it's magic. My first band of record was Storm Orphans. Formed in Tuscaloosa, AL. with fellow members Rusty LuQuire (vocals) Mark Patrick (guitars) Jack Massey (drums) , I played bass and was a contributing songwriter. We quickly made a name for ourselves on college radio; we were known for our high-energy shows, and our commitment to performing our original songs. We released 4 recordings, toured extensively throughout the region, and nationally for more than 5 years as a headliner and support artist for national acts. We showcased for major labels in New York, Los Angeles, Austin, TX, and Atlanta, but received no offers. While we achieved critical acclaim and strong fan support, we disbanded burned out and broke (like most bands). It was a wild ride. Later that summer my brother Mark (guitarist above) approached myself, drummer Jack Massey, and our friend Tommy Terrell about starting an Outlaw Country cover band. The Inlaws were born. Longtime friend Allen Ford also joined the group, but decided to leave later. The Inlaws ( gained notoriety for our alcohol fueled, profanity laced shows, and our growing catalog of original material. We enjoyed a large following on the Southeastern College Crcuit and released 3 records before marriages and child births took the band off the road, and saved most of the members from a stint in rehab. In early 2003, I began writing material for a still unfinished and unreleased record. Some of these songs are, and more will be, available for download on this site. Thanks to all of the new friends in my musical life. A new chapter in an old story will soon be written. Preparation and opportunity sometimes meet. Damn I'm lucky!


Members: Solo Artist Currently- All recordings produced by Don Srygley for MoJo Filter Productions! Alabama Outlaws- Shawn Patrick- Songwriter, Vocalist Gary Nichols- Guitar Jimbo Hart - Bass Mark Patrick- Guitar Ryan Tillery- Drums Zack Hacker- Guitar N.C. Thurmond- Keyboards The Inlaws- Shawn Patrick aka Shun Jennings- Bass and Vocals Tommy Terrel aka Tommy T. Coe- Acoustic Guitar and Vocals Mark Patrick aka Mark Patrick Nelson-Guitars Jack Massey aka Jerry Jack Paycheck- Drums Storm Orphans- Rusty LuQuire- Vocals Mark Patrick- Guitars Shawn Patrick- Bass Jack Massey- Drums Co-Writers Songs- James LeBlanc-Fame Publishing Gary Nichols- Universal Recording Artist Don Srygley- MoJo Filter Productions--Shawn Patrick



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