Frank Johnson AKA Frank-o Smooth

Born: Jan. 28, 1950 Florence, AL

R&B, Gospel Songwriter, Vocals Johnny Taylor

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Frank-o artist & former song-writer for Motown now pitching songs for major artists and movies...For those who don’t know, Mr. Frank-o Johnson is the musical prodigy behind *Faces Of Frank-o*. Mr. Johnson, a songwriter, artist and producer, was born on January 28, 1950, in Florence, Alabama. He wrote and recorded his first song at the age of 14, a song entitled *Your Love Is Weaker Than Water*. In Muscle shoals, Alabama. From there he went on to great companies such as Wishbone Productions in Muscle shoals, Alabama with producer Don Davis as his Teacher, CBS Records, Warner Brothers, Staxx Records, Motown and Capital Records. He has written over 1,000 records for many great artists such as the Temptations, Commodores, Aretha Franklin, Bobby Womack, The Supremes, Ray Charles, Gwen McCrae, The Late Z.Z. Hill, Bobby Bland, The Late Little Milton, Denise LaSalle, Johnnie Taylor and his good friend Ernie Johnson who was also an artist at Phat Sound Records. He has also distributed and promoted many artists such as Millie Jackson, Rome, Bishop Joe Simon, Joyce Lawson and many more. He Wrote songs such as *Three People Sleeping In My Bed*=Willie Clayton, *Lay Me Down*, *Come Back Kind Of Loving*, *Can We Make Love Tonight*, *Talk Dirty To Me*, *Careless With Our Love*=Johnnie Taylor, and most recently *This Must Be A Cheating Town* co-written with producer Carl Marshall. He had three songs nominated for the Grammies that he wrote for Aretha Franklin, Thelma Houston and The Temptations. Two songs were nominated at the Jackson Music Awards, Denise LaSalle *Love Talking* and Bobby Bland *Can We Make Love Tonight* on the *MEMBERS ONLY* LP, so there is no doubt the man, Mr. Frank-o Johnson, is a song-writer. Inducted in the Alabama Hall of Fame, Reflections in Black Museum & hall of fame in Cleveland, Ohio in 2005,and a Motown Lifetime Achievement Award. He was also in the Bill Board Disco Top 20 with *Keep On Getting Down* which is now a collectors item all over the world. Mr. Johnson attempted a movie career but went back to his first and most powerful love for music and proceeded with a career for 8 years as a staff songwriter for Motown and 3 years for Malaco Records in Jackson, Mississippi. After leaving Malaco, Mr. Johnson teamed up with Traction Records to produce three LP’s. His first *Flash Backs*, did well with the two very popular lead singles *One Step From The Blues* and *It Don’t Hurt Like It Use To*. His next LP *Pick Up The Pieces* was also successful. Mr. Johnson took bookings in Detroit, Ohio, Louisiana, and the Big Apple. He also performed in Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee. He went on to release *Jealous* also on the Traction Label. Mr. Johnson then teamed up with Ace Records to produce a CD entitled *Back Streets*, which was also successful, bringing him invitations to Japan, Europe and Italy. He won three Jackson Music Awards, Best Writer, Best Producer and for writing *Three People Sleeping In My Bed* by Willie Clayton. He later put out a CD entitled *O.J I’m Guilty that caused a lot of controversy with the radio stations in the south but nevertheless it still did really well. Now, Mr. Frank-o Johnson’s expertise is showing through once again with *Live In Atlantic City* on Phat Sound Records and his current CD *Cheating Town*. He created the first Southern Soul R&B syndicated radio show in year of 2000 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, formatting all genres of music. WNBN Frank Rackley asked him to air the first show, from there it blanketed all over. Now airing on 50 radio stations with 80-90 more to be added soon. Behind The Scenes Magazines was the first to print his chart reports then made him an associate writer. Now he writes for Frost Illustrated and many others carry his reviews and reports. For six years the Frank-o Smooth Show has been around which was inspired by GOD and JESUS CHRIST. Co-owning with Bob Devore from song writing, singing, writing short stories, commercials, Phat Sound Records & Distribution and PSR Radio Network. Through GOD Frank-o keeps moving on. Speaking of Moving on Frank-o was been asked to move across the country on a 12 month tour singing along side the Late Legendary *GOD FATHER OF SOUL* James Brown beginning in march and ending up in New York at Madison Square Garden, unfortunately time will not permit this wonderful thing. More could be said about all of his accomplishments in the music industry unfortunately time will not allow.


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