H. Ann Kelly

Born: April 24, 1947, Fairchild, AL


Member of the Disco-soul group Hues Corporation a black vocal trio featuring two men and a woman, the Hues took its name from Howard Hughes (changing the spelling to avoid legal problems). Had its one big hit with "Rock the Boat" (#1, 1974), which sold over two million copies. Follow-ups were "Rockin' Soul" (#18, 1974) and "Love Corporation" (#62, 1975). The group made frequent TV appearances in the mid Seventies and also appeared in the film Blacula. Tours took them to Europe, South America, the Far East and Australia.

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Hues Corporation


The Hues Corporation was a pop and soul trio of the mid 1970s, best known for their 1974 infectious hit, “Rock The Boat”. The song, a U.S. #1 single and million-seller, is considered one of the earliest disco songs. Some authorities proclaim it to be the first disco song to hit #1, while others grant that distinction to “Love’s Theme” by Love Unlimited Orchestra, a chart-topper from earlier in 1974.

Before making it big in the music industry the group appeared in the 1972 blaxploitation film, Blacula, starring William Marshall.

The Hues Corporation’s four other singles to reach the Billboard Hot 100 were “Freedom For The Stallion” (1973, #63), “Rockin’ Soul” (1974, #18), “Love Corporation” (1975, #62), and “I Caught Your Act” (1977, #92).

The group’s name was a pun on the Hughes Corporation, with the “hue” being the group’s African-American heritage. The band’s members were St. Clair Lee, Flemming Williams, and Ann Kelley.

Despite their initial success, the group disbanded in 1978. But with renewed interest in disco music throughout the 1990s, the group reunited for tour dates and special events, including the PBS special Get Down Tonight: The Disco Explosion.

Source: http://www.last.fm/music/Hues%20Corporation

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