Kilgore Trout

Tuscaloosa, AL Rock Group

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Bama's T-Minus taking its show on the road By Ryan Hickman

Special to Tusk March 10, 2006

You might say Troy Thompson has come full circle. Thompson, founding guitarist with the Tuscaloosa bands Kilgore Trout and The Nooners, blew back into Birmingham in 1999 following graduation from the University of Alabama, fed up with life in groups.

Kilgore Trout formed in Tuscaloosa in the early ‘90s and reached quasi-fame on the backs of songs like “Day at Night” and “Ten Years.” The band, named after a Kurt Vonnegut character, briefly hit the spotlight in 1992 when Rolling Stone named it one of the top college bands in the country.

But Kilgore Trout couldn’t build on those 15 minutes. Then came the breakup…and so on. Each one stung.


What was your best experience on stage at the Chukker?

Troy Thompson, T Minus Band ..Another tough question due to the blur of my memory. Had so many great times. One moment I remember was having Wade Ollis, Chuck Thompson and seems like some other people all on stage singing CCR's "Fortunate Son", and that was in in 1995. I look back on playing the Chukker with the most fondness when I think of the period that Kilgore Trout was playing though, which was from 1990-93. Ahhhh Youth!


Jeff Buckley, guitars and vocals, Sweat Bee ... As a patron, in the "Mr. Bill Era", it was the only place that would let me in underaged. It was also one of the first, and only, places in town where a freaky looking skate punk could go and just blend in.

As a musician, the Chukker was a great place because it featured original music. The first show I played there was with Kilgore Trout. It was our second gig ever, and we were the first band at Wonka Fest. We started at 1:00 p.m. and there were only a couple of people listening but I had a great time. That night I got a chance to see the Chukker at its finest. It was a wildly interesting scene.


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