Henry Kimbrell

Jazz Piano

Born: Birmingham, AL

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame



Henry Kimbrell was a jazz pianist who resided in Birmingham. He is well-known in the region as the composer of the "15-cent Jingle" for Jack's hamburger chain.

His two sons, Mark Kimbrell (guitarist) and Matt Kimbrell (percussionist) graduated from the Alabama School of Fine Arts. Both of them are reknowned professional musicians.

Henry was inducted into the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame in 1980.


Tomberlin, Michael (November 13, 2010) "Birmingham burger franchise Jack's jingle is back, back, back ... for 50th anniversary." Birmingham News

Source: http://www.bhamwiki.com/w/Henry_Kimbrell


Birmingham's first Romper Room production debuted on Channel 6 on October 3, 1955. (That was the same morning, incidentally, that CBS first presented Captain Kangaroo and ABC introduced The Mickey Mouse Club in the afternoon. Sounds like a good date to carry a DVD recorder back to in a time machine, huh?)  The first Birmingham RR teacher was Jean Pierce, who carried the program for two and a half years but did not make it into a major hit......

"Henry Kimbrell was a member of the staff and he became my Mr. Music. That was just fabulous; who else had anyone as talented as Henry Kimbrell coming in for 30 minutes every day and playing for me? Henry was one of my favorite people. He would come in each morning while we were setting up and getting ready, and he would sit down at the piano and just play all these lovely things while I was setting up. Then, when I did the program of course, he would accompany me. Before that, I had only sung when I was teaching school with the first graders!"

Source: http://www.birminghamrewound.com/features/kidvid_romper-jane.htm


Matt Kimbrell brings 28 years of experience to the drum chair. Matt didn't learn his techniques overnight - his father: pianist, vocalist and arranger, Henry Kimbrell, gave Matt his first paying gig at the age of 12. Matt hasn't left the stage or studio since......

Source: http://thetaylorhickscommunity.blogspot.com/2010/07/taylor-hicks-meet-boys-in-band.html

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