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One of the most respected flatpick guitar players on the modern Bluegrass scene, Glenda Faye put out an album of her own material in 1987, boasting guest appearances by Bill Monroe and Jesse McReynolds. She plays lightning-fast instrumentals that showcase a deep knowledge of the Bluegrass language as well as a startling fluidity.- Mike McGuirk


glenda faye flatpickin favoritesGlenda Faye: Flatpickin' Favorites, Released 01/01/1987

"My goal with this Flying Fish album was to give people something familiar they could listen to, or tune up and play along. Thanks to Porter [Wagoner] I was able to have some of my biggest idols on this album. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did" --Glenda Faye

Glenda Faye grew up in Alabama where music making was part of her upbringing. After seeing Doc Watson perform in her early teens, she took up flatpicking. Soon she was winning guitar contests, and in 1984 she joined Porter Wagoner's band. Since then she has toured extensively with Wagoner and appeared with him many times on the Grand Ole Opry. For this, her debut album, she is backed up by Bill Monroe (mandolin on "Down Yonder" and "Ozark Rag"); Vassar Clements, fiddle; Jesse McReynolds, mandolin; Bobby Thompson, banjo and rhythm guitar; Roy Huskey, Jr., bass and Nancy Given, snare drum.


March 31, 1988 

By Jack Hurst.

Four years ago Grand Ole Opry star Porter Wagoner and a brand-new, all-female band boarded Wagoner`s bus and headed for their first show together.

It was a fair in Ft. Pierce, Fla., and guitarist Glenda Faye never will forget the trip.

``I sat on that bus thinking things nobody who has done it for a living ever thinks about anymore,`` she recalled.

``I had never been on a touring bus-had never even looked inside one-so I was sitting there looking at the living room with the couch and the TV thinking things like, `Wow, we get to travel on this all the time?` and `Where`s the bathroom?`

``It`s a shock to your whole system to go from never having been on one to knowing you`re going to be on one almost all summer. I felt a little out of place.``

That was then, this is now. Since 1984, the quiet Alabamian, now 28, has carved out an important niche for herself in the Porter Wagoner show. In 1987 she began working on a respectable niche in the record marketplace as well.

Several months ago Flying Fish Records in Chicago released ``Glenda Faye: Flatpickin` Favorites,`` one of the hotter acoustic-guitar LPs you`re apt to run across these days. Faye`s principal inspiration is the music of lightning- fingered Doc Watson, and it shows.

``I saw him play when I was 13 or 14 years old at a bluegrass festival in Georgia,`` Faye said. ``That`s when I decided I wanted to learn to flatpick.

`I saw that he had overcome the fact that he was blind, and I thought,

`I shouldn`t let the fact that I`m a girl keep me from learning to play lead and flatpick and do all that other stuff.`

Play lead and flatpick she does, with a quick right hand that she said got that way playing along as she listened to Watson`s albums, of which ``I`ve got about all.``

She is, however, much more aggressive a flatpicker than a seller of her wares.

``The first person who came up to buy my album on the road, I almost talked `em out of it,`` she remembered with an embarrassed laugh. ``It was like, `Are you sure you want my album?` ``

Produced by Wagoner, a longtime singing star who also is an excellent producer of records, the LP features class instrumental help from such recognized aces as fiddler Vassar Clements, banjoist Bobby Thompson, bassist Roy Huskey Jr. and bluegrass mandolin stars Jesse McReynolds (of the long-prominent bluegrass duo Jim & Jesse) and Bill Monroe (who even wrote Faye a song for the collection).


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