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Acoustic Singer, Songwriter - Millbrook AL

by Bobby Kirl
(Millbrook, AL, USA)

Bobby Kirl has honed his skills at nearly every club, fair, festival and back yard gathering in the Mid Ohio Valley and is now making the Montgomery, Alabama area his home. His soothing melodies along with introspective and instinctive songwriting have captivated many music lovers. He has a knack and talent for communicating straight to the heart through song and it has made him a very desirable entertainer for any venue. Bobby plays acoustic and solo making him perfect for weddings, parties, fairs and festivals. All sound equipment is provided by the entertainer.

Bobby Kirl;


Bobby's music is sometimes personal, usually reflective, occasionally political though rarely radical, never imitated and always truthful. His musical roots are planted firmly in the singer songwriter genre. Writers like Foggerty and VAn Zant, Vedder and Cobain, Haggard and Nelson have influence him deeply, and his songs are reflective of the type of deep human spirit and intense personal emotion found in the kind of music guys like them produced. Bobby is also a musician with a rare perspective on life, love and the human spirit. He spent 11 years travelling the world with the U.S. Air Force where he learned that compassion and truth are the hallmarks of good people and not just determination and ambition which are so prevelent in the music business today. His songs often reflect his desire to share his passion rather than sell it and he displays that deep need in each and every performance. Playing over 90 shows a year this Singer Songwriter will have you reflecting on your idea of your fellow man and leave you with a desire to give something better to the world in which you live. Simply put; Bobby is in the business of sharing real music with real people and would love to share with you. "Ive spent practically my entire life loving music. It's been the one constant in my life. I've leaned on it through tough times. I've celebrated with it when life was good. I know that it has always been a friend to me no matter what the circumstance. I could not think of life without music, could'nt imagine what kind of world that would be. All that Ive ever wanted to do was to share the music that I felt with others. Whether it was someone elses composition or my own, it made no difference, I've just always felt it needed to be shared. You see to me music is what brings us together. It's kind of a social lubricant that makes relationships work smoother. It's the friendship glue that holds people together, the reminder of times gone by and the bringer of hope for days to come. It's all that I really know. It's all that I want to know. I hope that you feel something for music too, because it can do nothing but enhance your very being. Share with me and I will share with you my love for music, my Music for life."

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