Cedric LeMoyne

Rock Bass Guitar Remy Zero

Born: Birmingham, AL

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame


Video: YouTube - Cedric LeMoyne on David Letterman June 10, 2008

Remy Zero Biography: Remy Zero Biography - ARTISTdirect Music


O+S       O+S         Group Member

Sara Lov   Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming   Bass

Various Artists   Songs for Tibet - The Art of Peace   Bass

Various Artists  Lounge Beat, Vol. 1   Producer

Jesca Hoop   Kismet     Bass

Kirk Wheeler   BonfiresFuzz    Bass

Various Artists   State I'm In    Composer

Gemma Hayes   Roads Don't Love You   Bass

Gemma Hayes   Roads Don't Love You (EMI)   Bass

Nightmare of You   Nightmare of You    Inspiration

Alanis Morissette   Jagged Little Pill    AcousticBass

Isidore   Isidore   Bass

Isidore   Isidore   Guitar (Bass)

U-Ka   Bermagui   Bass

Sleepwell   Sleepwell    ?

Sleepwell  Sleepwell   Bass

Remy Zero   Save Me   Group Member

Remy Zero  Golden Hum    Band

Remy Zero   Villa Elaine   ?

Remy Zero   Villa Elaine   Bass

Remy Zero   Villa Elaine   Guitar

Various Artists   Rare on Air, Vol. 3    Bass

Remy Zero   Remy Zero   ?

Remy Zero   Remy Zero   Art Direction

Remy Zero   Remy Zero   Design

Remy Zero   Remy Zero   Engineer

Remy Zero   Remy Zero   Mixing

Remy Zero   Remy Zero   Producer

Source: Cedric Lemoyne @ ARTISTdirect.com - Free Cedric Lemoyne Music Videos, Downloads, News, Biography, MP3, Lyrics and More...

More info: Remy Zero - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Remy Zero, Remy ZeroVilla Elaine, Remy ZeroThe Golden Hum, Remy Zero'Til the End - Single, Remy ZeroO+S, O+SWe Do What We Want to - EP, O+SJagged Little Pill, Alanis Morissette

Image of album by Jesca Hoop

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Listen: Amazon.com: Jagged Little Pill: Alanis Morissette: Music

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Video: YouTube - Out the Back Door-Jesca Hoop

Video: YouTube - Remy Zero - Perfect Memory (The Invisible)








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