Keri Leigh

Blues Vocals

Born: 4/21/1969 AL

Lived in Birmingham, AL

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Keri Leigh


Texas blues maven Keri Leigh has spent the better part of her young life as a revivalist of the blues, whether by singing them, writing about them, or just plain living them. She can take traditional blues from the Mississippi Delta, Texas, or Chicago and through her unique interpretation, bring a contemporary, modern feel to each style.

Keri grew up in Alabama wanting to hear more of the music of black America that had captured her heart. But due to the social climate of that time, it fell out of her reach. As Keri points out, "I've always loved the art and culture of black America. I would hear the singing and music and always wished I could hang out with them." Her family later moved to Oklahoma where, at the age of 13, Keri began sneaking into clubs to hear the sounds she loved and even joined in on some vocals. Her singing career was soon brought to an early halt, when at the age of 16, nodes that had formed on her vocal chords were removed. At the time, she was told never to sing again. Not one to sit on the sidelines, Keri pursued another childhood dream of hers, writing.

Over the next several years, she balanced jobs as a newspaper critic by day and a DJ by night, spinning records at an album-rock station. Throughout all of this, her love for the blues began to really take hold. She founded the very successful Oklahoma Blues Society, which hosted many jams with local and regional artists. It was during one of these jams that Keri was coaxed to step on stage and sing a song. She soon joined the Brownston Blues Band and the Headhunters, which toured all the blues venues in Oklahoma. The Blues Society hosted another blues jam, which is where she met a guitarist by the name of Mark Lyon.

The two hit it off and soon found themselves moving to Austin, Texas, and forming a band called Keri Leigh and The Blue Devils. The band released two recordings on the now defunct Amazing Records label and has logged in countless miles on a relentless touring schedule. In 1993, Keri received international attention for Soul To Soul, a book written about her friend, Stevie Ray Vaughn. In 1994, Keri and Mark traveled to the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Alabama to record Arrival, Keri's debut album for Waldoxy Records.

Keri sings passionately from her heart and soul, in a time-honored tradition of blues greats before her.

Source: Malaco - Blues / R&B

Video: YouTube - Keri Leigh and the Blue Devils


No BeginnerBlue Devil BluesArrival

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