Rose Maddox

Born: August 15, 1925 in Boaz, Alabama
Died: April 15, 1998

1997 Inductee Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Boaz native, Rose Maddox, began singing at the age of 11 in the migrant camps and honky tonks of California during the Great Depression. With her brothers, the Maddox Brothers and Rose became known as "the most colorful hillbilly band in America".

The music the band played was a raucous and exuberant mixture of folk music, old-time country music, gospel, jazz, swing and boogie-woogie. Often called "Okie Boogie," it not only influenced later country music but even helped lay the groundwork for rock 'n' roll. Their flashy stage costumes, featuring embroidered cowboy/Mexican garb, became a trademark for the band and defined country costuming for a generation.

From her California base, Rose Maddox scored 15 country hits between 1947 and 1964, three of them top ten smashes. She was a West Coast mainstay long before the Bakersfield Sound of the 1960's. Teaming with Bluegrass patriarch Bill Monroe, Rose recorded what is considered to be the definitive female bluegrass collection.

Rose Maddox is a country music pioneer who helped pave the way for later women artists and whose classic performances over the years influenced many other singers, from Janis Joplin and Linda Ronstadt to Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris. Rose Maddox is the recipient of the 1997 Alabama Music Hall of Fame John Herbert Orr Pioneer Award.

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame

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Roselea Maddox[1] (August 15, 1925 - April 15, 1998), better known as Rose Maddox, was an American country singer-songwriter and fiddle player.


Born in Boaz, Alabama, Maddox was the singer in the Maddox Brothers and Rose.

In 1996 she was nominated for a Grammy award for her Arhoolie recording $35 and a Dream. Her life story and that of the band were told in the biography, Ramblin' Rose: The Life and Career of Rose Maddox by Jonny Whiteside. ISBN 0-8265-1269-0.

Laura Cantrell's song "California Rose" was written in memory of Maddox.[2] Emmylou Harris believes Maddox has never received the recognition she deserves, in part because of what Harris calls a reluctance in American society to celebrate the value of white country and roots music.[3]



Maddox Brothers and Rose

America's Most Colorful Hillbilly Band v.1 (Arhoolie Records, 1976/1993)

America's Most Colorful Hillbilly Band v.2 (Arhoolie, 1995)

On The Air (Arhoolie, 1983/1996)

Live On The Radio (1996)

The Hillbilly Boogie Years (Rockateer, 1996)

A Collection of Standard Sacred Songs (King, 1956)

The Most Colorful Hillbilly Band in America (Bear Family, 1998)


Precious Memories (Columbia, 1958)

The One Rose (Capitol, 1960)

Glorybound Train (Capitol, 1961)

A Big Bouquet of Roses (Capitol, 1961)

Rose Maddox Sings Bluegrass (Capitol, 1962/1996)

Alone with You (Capitol, 1963)

Rosie (Starday, 1970)

Reckless Love & Bold Adventure (Takoma, 1977)

Rose of the West Coast Country (Arhoolie, 1980)

This is Rose Maddox (Arhoolie, 1982)

A Beautiful Bouquet (Arhoolie, 1983)

Queen of the West (Varrick, 1984)

California Rose (See for Miles, 1989)

$35 And A Dream (Arhoolie, 1994)

The One Rose: The Capitol Years (Bear Family, 1994)

The Moon is Rising (Country Town Music, 1996)

"The Legendary Queen Of The West" (Boothill, 2000)



Year Single US Country Chart

1959 "Gambler's Love" 22

1961 "Kissing My Pillow" 14

"I Want to Live Again" 15

"Mental Cruelty" (with Buck Owens) 8

"Loose Talk" (with Buck Owens) 4

"Conscience, I'm Guilty" 14

1962 "Sing a Little Song of Heartache" 3

1963 "Lonely Teardrops" 18

"Down to the River" 18

"We're the Talk of the Town" (with Buck Owens) 15

"Sweethearts in Heaven" (with Buck Owens) 19

"Somebody Told Somebody" 18

1964 "Alone with You" 44

"Blue Bird Let Me Tag Along" 30


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