Randy Miller

Born: Beulah, AL

Was with the Kingsmen Quartet for seven years during the 1990s He has received Singing News Fan Awards: Five time recipient for Band of the Year (Kingsmen), Nominated Horizon Individual of the Year, Nominated Favorite Musician for seven years. Gospel Voice Magazine's Diamond Awards: Nominated Favorite Musician eight years, Nominated Favorite Soloist two years, Nominated Sunrise Award two years, Nominated Album of the Year, Nominated Song of the Year. He has recorded with The Kingsmen, The Talleys, Karen Peck & New River, Kirk Talley, The Kingdom Heirs, Gold City, KingsGold and many more.

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame



Randy Miller

Randy Miller is a name that many recognize from the Kingsmen Quartet. I'm sure that there is much more to you than the few years you spent with them. Give us a little of your history. Where are you from? How did you get the desire to be a SGM Artist? Tell us a little about yourself.

Well I started at the age of fourteen years old after receiving my first harmonica for a birthday present. You see, I come from a musical family. On my father’s side, there are ten children. Eight of the ten play at least two instruments and most of them sing also. On my mother’s side, both she and her sister sing. After playing harp for a year at church with my family, I started with a regional group. We were called “The Galileans”. I believe that our bus broke down on every mile marker from Auburn AL to Birmingham. Man, some of the stories I could tell you. While playing with them, I began to pick up other instruments like: Bass, Electric Guitar and Piano. I had a great time traveling with them for five years. I also started playing a little in studios and gained some experience in recording. While traveling with the Galileans, I studied music at Southern Union college here in Valley. I was trying to acquire a music degree so that I could play professionally. I was about to transfer my credits to The University of Alabama when I received the call from Eldridge Fox to come and play for the Kingsmen.

One thing that is apparent about you is that you have a wild sense of humor. Did you get that from your Mother or your Father? Has it ever gotten you in trouble?

I must say that I get my sense of humor from both. My Dad is kind of high strung and is real animated. When it comes to being funny, just looking at him and hearing him speak will make you laugh. My mom has a deep thinking sense of humor and is bad about pulling practical jokes on you. I really must contribute some of the credit to my sister and cousins. They will hurry up and pick on me and any other family member. They talk about my forehead. My cousin Brian says, “Man that ain’t A forehead That’s an eight head.”So you have to be quick on your feet around here.

How do you describe the music of Randy Miller?

Its hard to say. I love all types of music so when I record it seems that several styles come out. These are typically the styles. Bluegrass, southern gospel, R and B, country, Texas swing, contemporary and big band jazz.

In addition to being to being a fantastic singer, you also play several instruments. How many instruments do you play? Which one is your favorite?

I play about eight instruments which are: Bass, Electric Guitar, Harmonica, Drums, Lap steel, pedal steel, dobro and a little mandolin.

Having a solo ministry seems to enable the whole family to be a little more involved. How is your family involved in your ministry?

My family supports me very well. Let’s face it, it’s their ministry also. They don’t always get to travel with me but I do enjoy packing them up and taking them with me as much as possible. Every once in a while you might see them working behind the product table.

If you can be remembered for anything, what would you want the SGM fans to remember about you? What would you prefer that they forget?????????? LOL

I would like for them to remember me as the guy who made them laugh and showed them the love of Christ through song, humor and the word.

7.2. I hope that they don’t remember me as Mr. eight head, big nose schizophrenic harp player. See question 2 for details.

How do you pick out your material? How important is the message of each song to you?

I write A lot of my material .However, When I am about to record, I will call all of my writer friends to let them know that I am about to cut. They will send me songs to listen to. I will go over every song and if something comes along and ministers to me, I will cut it!

If someone wants to book Randy Miller, what's the best way to do that?

Well you can call at: 334 275 5204 email me at http://www.randy-miller.com send up a smoke signal or maybe fire three shots into the air. I also have a email address on http://www.snippacreekstudio.com

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