Lamar Morris

Born: 1939 Red Level, AL

Country Guitar, Vocals Hank Williams, Jr.

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame



Lamar has a country music history as rich as his baritone voice.

As a Loango, Alabama grammar school student, Lamar was playing on Andalusia's WCTA radio with steel guitar legend Don Helmes. By age eleven he had performed for Hank Williams Sr. and the drifting cowboys.

Following "The Lost Highway" US-31 to Nashville, Lamar married Hank Sr's stepdaughter and penned Hank Jr's fist number 1 single, "Eleven Roses".

His songwriting credits feature recordings by a who's who of country music including Loretta Lynn, Lefty Frizzell, Faron Young, Mel Tillis, Don Gibson, Billy Walker, Jim Ed Brown and Johnny Rodriguez.

As a successful MGM recording artist, Lamar received numerous honors, including a BMI award for Outstanding Performance of "The Great Pretender".

For twenty years, Lamar was leader of the "Cheatin´ Hearts" and "The Bama Band". Lamar later returned to south Alabama to be near his ailing sister.

To this very day, Lamar continues to share his musical talents by teaching guitar lessons in the lobby of the former Dean´s Drugstore, located in downtown OPP, Alabama, the home of 1950´s Grand Ole Opry star, "Doctor" Lew Childre.

In this historical landmark, Lamar decided to re-invent himself by composing the songs for this CD entitled "Amnesia".

Returning to Nashville to record, Lamar stated to everyone, "I want this album felt more than heard".

You cannot help but feel the true feelings of both Lamar and the band as you listen.

It is truly a moment frozen in time- New Year´s Day "1953".

Source: Lamar Morris

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Alabama-born Lamar Morris has enjoyed a varied, relatively successful, and a lengthy career in country music, spending years as part of Hank Williams Jr.’s back-up Bama Band; writing hit songs for Hank Jr. and others (most notably the 1972 #1 hit Eleven Roses), and charting with a series of his own hit singles in the early 70’s with country versions of Pop hits like The Great Pretender. Surprisingly, Lamar Morris never released a full solo album of his own songs...until Walls Of Memories, a powerful collection of pure country winners.

Lamar Morris has a deep (aged) baritone vocal, especially effective on his three-chord hurtin’ tunes...and there’s a bunch of ‘em here. The title track Walls Of Memories is an absolute gem, containing one of the best descriptive lyric lines in a country song in ages with his lament:- “...two hundred pounds of hurt, in a wrinkled dirty shirt...” even Harlan Howard would be proud of that one. Equally strong is the tear-jerking These Lonely Walls, the plaintive That’s Easy For You To Say and, for a change of pace, the swing tune, Texas.

Morris has written or co-written all but two of the songs on the album. One of the ‘imports’, The Night A Country Star Was Born; is one of those special country ‘ghost story’ songs that hits home, and Lamar Morris’ honest delivery makes the tale even more believable.

Lamar Morris co-produced Walls Of Memories with his songwriting partner Wes Laird; and the Nashville sessions feature ace players like Bryan Sutton, Larry Franklin, Hank Singer, Sonny Garrish, Milton Sledge, etc.; giving the music the authentic feel this material deserves.



Lamar Morris was born into a musical family and his whole life has been centered around music. At the age of seven, he began to sing and play the guitar. Later, at the age of ten, he appeared with his hero, the late, great, Hank Williams Sr.

Lamar began to write songs, and by the age of 18, his first song was recorded by a major Nashville act, Lonzo & Oscar. Following were other songs recorded by such artists as Hank Williams, Jr., Loretta Lynn, Faron Young, Mel Tillis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Don Gibson, Johnny Rodriquez, Johnny Duncan, Al Martino, Jim Ed Brown, Bob Luman, Lefty Frizzell, Billy Walker, and various other artist.

His songwriting and musical talent as a guitarist and vocalist led him to become lead guitarist and band leader for Hank Williams Jr. for twenty years.

As a MGM Recording Artist, Lamar had many records in the national charts. This gained him much notoriety in the music industry including a BMI Award for Outstanding Performance of his recording of the song "The Great Pretender". This was one of only 13 awards given that year. Lamar still writes and sings as well as ever.

Source: Lamar Morris



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