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David Munyon is a singer songwriter, born August 19th, 1951, in Newport, Rhode Island to Chet and Lola Mae Munyon, the last of five children. His Dad was a NASA Engineer and his Mom was a Preacher's daughter. David has been playing Music since he was 12 years old. He played for tips and meals for 15 years in Nashville, Tennessee and California and Florida while his wife Dixie worked as a waitress, and they , along with The Famous Producer Greg Humphrey and J.D. Hicks and Bruce Hicks recorded their first CD, Titled: Code Name :Jumper, in 1990. This CD has some great musicians on it, to include Warren Haynes, Matt Rollings, Leland Sklar, Sneaky Pete, Al Perkins and Anthony Crawford. The CD was promoted in Europe by Glitterhouse Records, and re-mixed and mastered by Gunter Pauler and people seemed to like the CD, and so, 5 more CD's were developed and produced by Glitterhouse and Stockfisch Records, some "Solo Acoustic" and some with Great European Musicians to include Chris Jones, and several of the best musicians on The Planet, from England and Germany and India , to include, "The very gifted...Mike Silver ".

David has Toured Europe, always playing Solo Acoustic from 1992 -1998 , with his wife"Dixie Blue" , Ms. S.P. Standley-Munyon and they have many fans and friends. David Munyon is a "topical writer" much like many of the Folk Legends and Roots Artists of todays Acoustic Tradition. David is a Writer, Performer, Painter, Artist, Poet, and Farmer. He humbly promotes the book "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda. David has songs that are performed by Eric Burdon, Rick Travino and Jennifer Warnes and has worked Shows with Bill Monroe, Suzanne Vega, Richie Havens, THE BAND, The Drifters and the truely talented Terry Lee Hale, Joseph Parsons, Danial Putnam Green, Warren Haynes, Gene Gillespie and many others. " David Munyon songs are Great!", says Rolling Stone Magazine in Germany. David says "I just ask God, to help me write a good song for the folks, and I just hold the guitar and pencil" and says, I'm very grateful for everything, my best friends work at Glitterhouse Records and Stockfisch Records, from Germany, and we are very blessed to know Gunter Pauler. We are hopeful that our songs may, in some way, bring happiness and comfort to people in this World and maybe if we all work together we can stop some of the pollution in the air, and maybe clean up the Rivers and Streams and The Oceans, and spread some love and harmony... and promote Peace". David adds, "Prayer is a Powerful Thing, years ago, I was home-less ...and just look what people's prayers have done for wife Dixie's prayers and my friends and family's prayers, all that I have today... from the generosity of my friends in Germany and Italy and Holland and Europe and The U.S.A and Canada, and France and Spain and Ireland... I still ask everyone to pray for me". "What is my message"? "I don't know , says David Munyon perhaps Love and Forgivness, Forgivness for everyone ... up to 77 times a day, and Love, and good coffee, and Peace".

David is managed, on various days, by Greg Humphrey in Nashville and Ms. Georgina Moore in Los Angeles, and very much managed by his wife Dixie Blue. David and Dixie live in a old trailer that used to belong to Hank Williams Sr., at "Om Field" in Midland City, Alabama. David is currently living & playing in Germany.

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