Elliott McPherson

Elliott McPherson, the co-writer/front man of Alabama rock and roll band the Dexateens, made his first “Lightbox” in a last-minute effort to complete an album cover for the band's self-titled release in 2004. That first Lightbox featured the same headphones that McPherson had used as a child to “listen to the rock and roll that my parents forbade me to listen to. I got those headphones as a gift from my grandparents when I was probably eight years old or so.  I really like the fact that they ended up being used on the cover of our first record.”

Since then, every Dexateens release has borne a Lightbox on its cover. He has applied the term “Lightbox” to his work because, as he explains, “You can manipulate each box in a unique way depending on the direction and intensity of the light that shines on these boxes. The process of photographing and lighting these boxes is half of the challenge in making them successful pieces.”

“I like making art out of things that some might say are used up and ready to be thrown away. Folks don’t realize that when they use something, they put a part of themselves into that thing. Sometime I look at old objects and I start wondering about its back story. In a way, the wear on these objects reflect something about the user’s personality. Items that are old, rustic and broken are way more interesting to me than things that are new, shiny and functional.”

Elliott is constantly on the prowl for things to include in the context of a Lightbox. “Whenever I am out on the road with the Dexateens, I walk the truck stop parking lots and pick up all sorts of trinkets that have been mangled from the truck tires and the parking lot gravel.”

"Every now and then, a fan of our band will show up at a show with some of their own personal items and I will make a box just for them. That is really gratifying for me. I really like the fact that I can hold onto my own personal junk and use theirs instead. Obviously, I’m a bit of a hoarder and part of me hates to see my own personal junk go."

McPherson supports his family with a kitchen and bath cabinetry business that he and his wife run together. “I really love the craft of cabinetry and it did me a lot of good to learn that discipline, but I prefer the freedom and randomness of building Lightboxes”.

Elliott resides in Buhl, Alabama with his wife, Eva, and their two boys, Caleb and Gray.

Source:  Official Website

Website: http://elliottmcpherson.com/

Dexateens Website: http://www.dexateens.net/

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