Steve Nathan

Lived in Muscle Shoals, AL

Country, Pop, Rock Keyboards

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame


Nashville-based session keyboardist Steve Nathan is a 35 year veteran of the recording industry, who has played on hundreds of records spanning most genres of popular music.

A list of artists with whom he's recorded reads like a “Who’s Who” of American music. A frequent nominee and Winner of The Academy of Country Music's 2005 Musician Award, he has also been named "Keyboardist of the Year" by Music Row Magazine for a record 13 consecutive years.


Born April 20th 1951 in Buffalo, New York, Steve's first studio experience was with local groups including the earliest recorded efforts of jazz group "Spyra Gyra".

In 1977 he moved to Muscle Shoals, Alabama to join the group "LeBlanc and Carr". After a brief tour, the band settled into Rick Hall's Fame Studios to begin recording Lenny LeBlancs first solo record. When the engineer brought Rick down stairs for a listen, Rick was impressed enough with Steve's playing to hire him for aDobie Grey record he was producing. For the next 14 years, Steve played on every record that Hall produced.

Learning the art of making records from great producers like Rick Hall, Jerry Wexler, Barry Beckett, and Tom Dowd, while playing with musicians like Roger Hawkins, David Hood, Jimmy Johnson, and Pete Carr, was a dream come true and an education beyond compare.

In 1991, Steve moved to Nashville and quickly established himself as a member of the "A Team". To date, his playing can be heard on literally hundreds of "Top Ten" records.

Source: CME Artist - Steve Nathan



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