Allison Paige

Born: 1987

Lived in Sand Mountain, AL

Country Vocals

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Photo of Allison Paige McBryar

A Small Town Girl with Big Time Dreams, Allison’s love for singing began at a very early age. She started singing solos at her church when she was only 3, dancing by the age of 4, and performing in local festivals and school talent shows (where she sang hits by her favorite artist Reba McEntire) by age 7. She gained the label of “Little Girl with the Big Voice” and captivated audiences with her high energy performances. She jumped into acting early on as well, spending her summers in acting workshop/camps in New York at ages 9 and 10 and performing in theatre productions. Her first big break came at age 11 when she signed a record deal with BMG Germany after being found at an International Competition in Los Angeles, Ca. In her time in Germany, as she describes as a ‘dream come true,’ Allison was fortunate enough to grace stages with the likes of Rock Legend Deborah Harry of “Blondie,“ Mega singer Michael Bolton, and have a chart topping hit of her own with her single “It’s My Party!” Soon after, Allison and her family moved from their home in Alabama to Los Angeles where they lived for 4 years. There Allison had the chance to stretch her acting abilities by landing roles in commercials and television shows working alongside seasoned actors such as Heather Locklear and Cedric the Entertainer.

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End of the World / Do You EverIt's my party [Single-CD]End of the World

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