Scott Rogers

Born: 1967  North Alabama

Died: May, 11 2003

Lived in Cleveland, AL

Gospel Tenor Vocals, Engineer n'harmony

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Photo of The Scott Rogers Band

Photo: The Scott Rogers Band | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos


Monday, January 27, 2003


The Todd Nelon Quartet is proud to announce the addition of Scott Rogers of Cleveland, Al to fill the tenor position for the group. Many will remember Scott from his days with N'Harmony. Scott received a rousing ovation as he sang "Oh What a Savior" during his first appearance with the group in Cartersville, GA.

Todd Nelon adds, "We are thrilled to have Scott with us. This group has a long rich heritage in Southern Gospel Music starting with my father Rex Nelon. My father had the pleasure of bringing in a lot of young faces to Southern Gospel that are now industry leaders and I believe Scott Rogers is a tenor you will be hearing from a lot in the future. When a young man can stand up and sing a song like "Oh What a Savior", truly sing it from his heart and know he appreciates the heritage of Southern Gospel Music, it can only mean Southern Gospel Music will be in good hands for future generations."

Be looking for the new Todd Nelon Quartet release on The Gospel Heritage label sometime in March.

Source: Todd Nelon Quartet announces new tenor | The Southern Gospel Music Leader |



March 21, 2008

Scott Rogers leaves Crossway, group seeking new tenor

According to this news item on SoGospelNews, tenor Scott Rogers has left Crossway to spend more time with his family. The group has posted a video message from Scott on it’s website here.

As I posted a couple of days ago, I have five or six Crossway videos on my you tube page. They can be seen here.

I hate to see Scott leave. I think he was a perfect fit with Crossway and was one of the friendliest artists that I’ve ever met. When talking to him, he always seemed very devoted to his family. This may be one of the rare instances when a singer leaves the road to spend time with their family that they spend more than a few months off the road.

As for Crossway, it is hard to imagine that they will find a tenor that fits so perfectly with them as Scott. Of course, I was shocked when I heard Scott had joined Crossway. From what I had heard of him with N’Harmony, I didn’t think he would fit with them. I quickly learned how wrong I was when I attended a concert with the group in October 2006. I was sold on Scott and Crossway’s new sound halfway through the opening song, “On My Way To Heaven.” Hopefully, I will be proven wrong again.

Scott, thanks for the all too few memories and conversations. My prayers go with you to where ever God leads you.

Crossway, I’ll be praying that God quickly sends the right man for the job and that He continues to bless your group and ministry.

Source: Scott Rogers leaves Crossway, group seeking new tenor « Coomer Cove


June 21, 2009


I am a huge fan of Crossway and especially loved their sound when they consisted of Scott, Matt, and Paul.  Tonight, my wife was on facebook and stumbled across a picture of someone she thought looked like Scott Rogers.

Her finding that picture lead me to doing a google search for Scott to see what he has been up to since leaving Crossway.  He has formed the Scott Rogers Band, a trio with a self-described “pop country sound based upon spiritual lyrics with a positive message”.  The group consist of Scott and backup vocalists Tamra Doty and Darren Morton.  They have a myspace page with five songs you can listen to.

While not southern gospel, I’ve enjoyed listening to their songs tonight.  Scott is one of the nicest guys I’ve met in SGM, so it was nice to see what he’s been up to.  If you were a fan of Scott during his time with N’Harmony or Crossway, click here and head over to check out his new group.

Source: The Scott Rogers Band « Coomer Cove

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