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RED HALO: Red Halo - Produced by Damon Johnson and Red Halo; Mixed by Kelly Gray; all songs written by Red Halo and Damon Johnson; Recorded at Double Dragon Studio, Alabaster, AL

(See also Red Halo: Dead Man's Vitamin, from 2003)

There was a time when rock-n-roll was real. Guns N Roses had Appitite For Destruction, and the hairspray fog was beginning to lift. Axl and company had kick-started a resurgence of raw, dirty, attitude drenched rock that hadn't been heard since the glory days of early Aerosmith. Bands like Motorcycle Boy and The Throbs reminded us that rockers were not supposed to be role models. Here it is 2005, and we have all seen what has become of the music industry. Thankfully, I found myself at the Mercury Lounge in New York City for what felt to me like a ride on a rock-n-roll time machine. Red Halo arrived from Birmingham Alabama, Hell-bent on taking a room full of industry blockheads and A&R guys, and blowing them away. That's exactly what they did. Like pages straight from a rock history book, Red Halo took the stage with Les Paul's and Flying V's blistering through Marshall amps. Four skinny white guys dressed in black, with jet-black hair. I swear it was if the 90's had never happened. No grunge, no rap-rock, no nu-metal, just amphetamine laced power chords and an impressive stack of bone crushing songs with ballads to die for. This being the boys' first trip to the big apple, it was crucial for Red Halo to make a lasting impression. Six solid songs later, word was out. I haven't heard anything like this in ages! Rock and Roll has a facelift, a new resurgence, and that resurgence is RED HALO!

JD-Drums, backing vocals
Erath-Bass, backing vocals

Source: CD Baby artist page

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