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Rebecca Roubion

My name is Rebecca Roubion. I was born in New Orleans and was raised in Mobile, Alabama. My music has stemmed from deep southern roots and has evolved through the years into a blend of jazz, folk and pop.

Back in my early childhood, my parents always encouraged me to embrace any and every opportunity to find out what I might truly love to do, to discover what I really have a knack for. I lived for art class and loved to create.

Upon my parents’ somewhat forceful request, I began piano lessons in the second grade, along with my two sisters. Our teacher required her students to write a song for recital each year, and every year I looked forward to my next creation. When I was about 16, I started to explore songwriting on my own. It all started with writing poetry. Actually, just one poem. I read the poem to myself, and as I read it, a melody started chiming in my head.

My first official song, “These Mixed Feelings,” was a direct result of my first official heartache. I used simple, classic chords – in the key of D, my favorite. The song was about me and how I needed to get to know myself again. From there, I began performing at the high school talent shows and singing and playing at church. When I was a senior, I wrote a graduation song called “The Best Years” for my graduating class. My performance of the song won first place at the school talent show in 2005. I went on to perform it again at prom and graduation, the second being one of my most treasured performances to date.

In May of 2005, I sold my first unofficial CD, These Mixed Feelings, recorded in my living room with my friend Andre’s help and incredible patience.

During college, I never stopped writing, or singing. Local bars and coffee shops became my modest stage in Baton Rouge. I took a few piano lessons here and there, picked up on some tricks of the trade and focused on honing my sound and developing my creative voice.

With the 2009 release of my first official album, A Fine Place to Start, I am excited to share my music with more and more people. The album title is lyric from the first track “Free,” and illustrates the inception of my musical career.

The album was recorded at Dogwood Studios in Mobile, Alabama, with the help of recording engineer Ray Norman, my parents, brothers Mitch and Andrew, and four of my best friends and fellow musicians, Brice, Mark, Paula and Nick. The words of the songs tell the tale of my short college years filled with big life changes, love and self-discovery. Among them are “Free,” a song about being comfortable in your skin, “Not a Thing Else” a folksy love song, “Home,” a melodic blend of groove and elegance and “Do Not Know Why,” a bluesy yet upbeat tune.

As a singer-songwriter, I make an effort to phrase my thoughts in a way that takes listeners to a place they may have never ventured, for a ride on new and different routes peppered with fresh vistas and ideas to ponder. I like to twist a familiar phrase in a new way, so the new expression reflects a common experience. Sound, rhythm and instrumentation can give a distinguishing flavor to a song, but in my mind, the lyrics are the meat!

I write songs selfishly and honestly, using the art of the experience as therapy. But I also write so that others might connect with the song, and I love nothing more than when they do. The thought that some small, humble creation of mine might having an impact — however minor — in the life of another is what keeps me writing, playing and performing.

This one’s for you.

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