Location: Birmigham, AL

Genre/Style: Alt-Country/Country

Business Contact:
India Ramey
1044 31st St. S.Birmingham AL 35205
Phone: 205-937-4048
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Members: India Ramey-Vocals & Guitar, Will Cash-Guitar, Taylor Propp or Aaron Branson- Bass, Sue Nuckols or Leo McDermott-Fiddle, Nick Reccio-drums, Elizabeth Geller-back up vocals

Discography: Junkyard Angel, 2010

Bio: India Ramey is a singer/songwriter from Birmingham, Alabama. The granddaughter of a Sand Mountain bluegrass and gospel musician, India was born with music in her blood. India grew up listening to everything from gospel, to Willie Nelson, to Pat Benatar to the Ramones. She has gone from singing Jesse Coulter tunes into a curling iron at age 4 to writing and performing her own album. India's debut album, Junkyard Angel takes country, folk, bluegrass and blues and blends them with rich, soulful vocals and witty, honest lyrics resulting in a unique sound all her own.

indiaramey2Like everyone in her family, India has always been a singer. She grew up poor and made her way to a law degree by paying her way through school. She is a graduate of the Alabama School of Fine Arts where she was a dance major; a cum laude and phi beta kappa graduate of Birmingham-Southern College and she holds a Juris Doctorate from The University of Alabama School of Law. “I went to Law School because I wanted to help people” India says. The daughter of a battered woman, India became a Prosecutor for Violence Against Women in Montgomery, AL and then ended up in private practice before coming to her senses and putting her law career aside to pursue her life-long dream of being a singer and musician. “I became a lawyer for my Mom, for everyone else. I took the seemingly practical road, not the right road for me. Music is what I want to do for me,” India says of her decision to leave the legal world to immerse herself in the music world.

India began writing songs in college and has been writing them ever since. India spent the past five years singing with a local band and started working on her solo project two years ago. “All through my dancing years, my college and lawyering years, I was always first and foremost, a singer. I could never shake the absolute compulsion to get up in front of whomever would listen and belt out a great tune. I give up. I give in. The desire to make music wins.” Junkyard Angel is the culmination of all of India's hopes and dreams of doing her own music her way. India just celebrated the release of her solo CD by performing her album for a packed house at her CD Release concert on November 20, 2010 in Birmingham. She plays shows regularly now with her own band and looks forward to taking her music beyond Birmingham and onto the next step in her music career.

Source: India Ramey




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India Ramey: Junkyard Angel

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