Todd Simpson and Mojo Child is a band out of Alabama that have blues roots, combined with a southern rock flair.  Todd and Mojo Child have been playing as a band for 2 years and have already made quite a name for themselves. Todd's story is one of struggles and miracles.  Todd has had numerous open heart surgeries and takes a monthly treatment due to an Immune Deficiesncy disorder.  Although dyslexic Todd has not let anything stop him from pursuing his dream!  Todd picked up the guitar at seventeen and  literally days later played his first show.  Disabilties that were once thought of as huge challenges are now considered amazing gifts.  Todd plays from his soul, he has little or no knowledge of  formal music training, Todd sees colors while playing and these colors take him on a journey with each and every song.  Todd started playing  harmonica at nine much the same way he did the guitar.  Todd said  he could feel the music,  Big Bo McGee an Alabama blues legend bestowed the name Mojo Child , hence the band name Todd Simpson and Mojo Child.  A Todd Simpson show is commonly refered to as the Todd Simpson experience by his fans.  Rarely will you experience a more high energy, ever changing, emotional musical event!  In a short time Todd and the band have played premiere venues throughout the south as well as college campuses in seven states. Todd Simpson has shared  the stage with The Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, Huey Lewis,Paul Thorn and Phil Lesh and friends.  Todd's blazing renditions of famous songs such as Voodoo Chile, Purple Haze, Purple Rain,  Little Wing,The Sky is Crying along with originals always has the crowd on their feet and the party full speed ahead.  Perhaps the most surprising part of Todd's shows are his renditions of songs that he calls Hip Hop Blues, where he plays popular rap tunes with smoking guitar leads.  Todd is accompanied onstage by his father, Wes Simpson, who plays rhythm guitar; their close relationship allows them to intuitively play off of one another.  The band is completed with bass player Corey Mitchell, who brings years of experience to the mix,  Steve Lazarus who plays congas and percussion and David Burke on drums.


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