Kay DeKalb Smith

Lived in Hartselle, AL

Christian Vocals, Comedy Anita Bryant

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Photo: Smith, Kay DeKalb

At 17 years of age, as Miss Alabama Teenager, Kay DeKalb Smith found herself on a Billy Graham Crusade platform giving her testimony and singing.  Since then, this dedicated Christian woman has devoted her life and talents to creatively sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Her stage abilities were honed as a musical performer in I Hear America Singing at the amusement park, Opryland USA. She has appeared in TV commercials, done voice-over work on many recordings, has been a cover feature in HomeLife Magazine three times, made numerous TV appearances, and her video's have aired nationally on FamilyNet.

Described by many as the "Carol Burnett of Christian Entertainment," this red-headed ball of enthusiasm from Nashville, Tennessee will simultaneously tickle your funny bone while immersing your heart and mind in the important claims of the gospel. Teaching from the book by Robert Morgan, The Red Sea Rules, Kay takes you through the 10 God-Given Strategies for Difficult Times.  She has been called a "consummate communicator" using props, songs, and stories to creatively share Biblical truth.  Be prepared with a box of tissues as you cry from hilarious family antics, "Lord, Change My Spouse," to the Biblical application of "Proverbs 31 Incorporated," and to heavenly matters, "From Here to Eternity."

Kay began as a singer and has developed her speaking/teaching skills throughout the years.  Always funny, this lady who "dares to go where no other crazy woman will go," skillfully uses her sense of humor to penetrate the heart.  She is famous for having you laugh one moment and crying the next.

Her family has generously supported her lifelong call to ministry. Ed is a devoted husband, businessman, and constant encourager.  Daughters, Evin (newly married to Luke) and Allie, sometimes join Mom for Mother/Daughter events.  The whole Smith family is committed to Christ and committed to helping Mom accomplish all that God wants her to do.

The Smiths take an active role in their local church, The Peoples Church.  They are committed to Servant Leadership and participate in every way possible: teaching, serving, and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Source: Smith, Kay DeKalb

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